[FM] KISO (96.1 KISS-FM) is a Top 40 radio station in Omaha, Nebraska owned by Clear Channel Communications. Until September 2, 2012, they were one of five radio stations that used `The Brew` branding, alongside sister stations in Oklahoma City, New Orleans, Columbus and Portland, Oregon. They were the second oulet to use the brand after WQ...
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The Kiso was a Japanese Kuma Class second class cruiser of 5100 tons displacement launched in 1920. The Kiso was powered by ten Kanpon oil-fired boilers and two Kanpon mixed oil and coal-fired boilers providing a top speed of 33 knots and a range of 13600 km at 10 knots. She carried a complement of 439 and after 1927 one aircraft. Armaments consist...
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