A kadı was an official in the Ottoman empire. Based on the Islamic concept of a judge (قاضي qāḍī), the Ottoman official also had extra duties; they performed local administrative tasks, and they were involved in taxation and conscription. They might even appeal matters of taxation to central authority; around 1718 the kadı of Janjevo com...
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• (n.) Alt. of Kadiaster
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[AM] KADI (1340 AM) is a Conservative Talk radio station in Springfield, MO. The station is part of the Vision Communications group, along with KADI-FM, and Sign Pro. Vision Communications is owned by RC Amer. ==Programming== The station features Bill Bennett, Michael Gallagher, Dave Ramsey, Michael Reagan, and Rusty Humphries. In addition ...
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[name] Kadi is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include: Surname: Given name: ...
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