KOKU (100.3 FM) – branded as Hit Radio 100 – is a commercial contemporary hit radio (CHR) radio station licensed to Hagåtña, Guam. It is owned and operated by Moy Communications Inc. As on October 2, 2012 KOKU has a new sister station as KMOY, which has hot adult contemporary as `Cool FM 92.7`. ...
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Kokū (虚空) or Koku is a honkyoku, a solo `original piece` of Japanese Buddhist origin for the shakuhachi, a bamboo flute. The title `Kokū` is often translated as `empty sky`. According to legend , `Kokū` is one of the three original shakuhachi pieces, along with `Mukaiji` and `Kyorei`. It was composed by Kyochiku, the Zen priest ...
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The koku is a Japanese unit of volume, equal to ten cubic shaku. In this definition, 3.5937 koku equal one cubic metre, i.e. 1 koku is approximately 278.3 litres. The koku was originally defined as a quantity of rice, historically defined as enough rice to feed one person for one year (one masu is enough rice to feed a person for one day). A koku ...
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[Japan] = September 11 = == Transformers: The Game == At first the enter key worked in the main menu of that PC game, but then it stopped. I press both `enter` keys on my keyboard, but none of them works and I can`t choose anything. However generally they are workable, I checked them in MS Word. Wonder what happened. —Preceding unsigned c...
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A unit of rice (44.8 gallons/180 liters) that was used to measure an individual
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