In Norse mythology, Geirröd was a jötunn and the father of the giantesses Gjálp and Greip. The story of Geirröd is told in Þórsdrápa. Loki, while flying as a hawk, was captured by Geirröd. Because he hated Thor, Geirröd demanded that Loki bring his enemy to Geirröd`s castle without his magic belt and hammer. Loki agreed to lead Thor to ....
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In Norse mythology, Geirrod was a giant who lived in an iron castle. He was determined to punish Thor for killing Hrungnir, and to this end he captured Loki and tortured him until he agreed to trick Thor into visiting Geirrod's castle. Loki managed to ge Thor out of Asgard without his belt of strength, iron gloves and hammer, but on the way to Geir...
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