FranKo are a pop/rock/alternative band from South London, England. The group consists of Tommy Bastow (Lead Singer), Richard Craker (vocals/guitars), Chris Gilbertson (Bass/backing vocals) and Richard `Ricky` Rayner on the Drums. 2011 saw them enter the inaugural Online Music Awards, where they were the only entrants selected as finalists in 2 c.....
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[Bishop of Poznań] Franko, Bishop of Poznan was an 11th-century Polish Bishop of Poznań. He was the first Bishop of Poznan after the renewal of the Diocese by Bolesław the bold in 1075AD. He is known from the Chronicles of the Galla Anonima, and was Bishop of Poznań, from 1070 to around 1085AD. He advised Prince Władysław Herman and h...
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