On 26 July 2013, ExR released the music video for `Big Girl`s Vogue`, the first promotional single from their second EP Meds. The eight-track EP was released for free download on 8 August 2013. The duo appeared on DJ Target`s BBC Radio 1Xtra show on 13 August 2013 to promote the EP. They also appeared on CJ Beatz` `Soundcheck Special` to pe...
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[clothing] EXR KOREA Co., Ltd. (hangul:이엑스알 코리아) is a clothing designer and retailer, based in South Korea. EXR was founded as a subsidiary of SungWoo Hightech in 2001. Thanks to the successful product positioning in the niche market of sportswear industry, EXR has become one of the premium clothing brands in Korean fashion ma...
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In Enochian, Exr is a cacodemon.
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