Danzón is the official musical genre and dance of Cuba. It is also an active musical form in Mexico and is still beloved in Puerto Rico. The danzón evolved from the Cuban contradanza (also known as the habanera). The contradanza had English roots and was introduced in Cuba probably by the Spanish who ruled the island for almost four centuries (1...
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A Cuban dance which starts slowly and gradually accelerates. This dance, which might be called a Rumba variation is in a 4/4 time. It is know as the aristocrat of all Cuban dances because of its dignified and stately appearance.
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Cuban salon dance, originally played by wind bands and subsequently by charangas. Characterized by the cinquillo rhythm of quarter-eighth-quarter-eighth-quarter. The danzón was modernized in the late 30's by Arcano y sus Maravillas,who added a section at the end for harder dancing, called the 'mambo'section, which developed into the mambo of the 5...
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Popular Cuban music and dance form with an ABACA (rondo) structure featuring clarinet in the B section and violin in the C section, within a repeated theme to maintain unity.
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