Dual-specificity protein kinase regulated by tyrosine phosphorylation that may regulate cell cycle. Also has nuclear targeting signal, putative leucine zipper and a very conserved 13-histidine repeat sequence. Rat gene dyrk is a homologue of Drosophila minibrain ( mnb ) a gene involved in postembryonic neurogenesis. Human homologue maps to Chromosome 21 and may be involved in pathogenesis of certain phenotypes of Down&`s syndrome. ...
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DYRK (96.3 FM), broadcasting as 96.3 WRocK Cebu, is a music FM radio station owned by ACWS - United Broadcasting Network / Exodus Broadcasting Company (also operating under the trade name WRocK Entertainment) in the Philippines. The station`s studio is located at 20th Floor of Golden Peak Hotel and Suites, Gorordo Ave., cor. Escario St., Cebu Cit....
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