Saint Bricín (c.590–650; also known as Bricin, Briccine, DaBreccoc, Da-Breccocus) was an Irish abbot of Tuaim Dreccon in Breifne (modern Tomregan, County Cavan), a monastery that flourished in the 7th century. ==Túaim Dreccon== The history of Bricín centres on the abbey of Túaim Drecconin in the Bréifne territory. The Gaelic place name mean...
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Saint Bricín of Tomregan, County Cavan, Ireland. Bibliography: O’Reilly, Eugene & O’Reilly, John: Saint Bricin of Tomregan, pp. 464–488, in Breifne Journal, Volume VII, Number 25,1987. Eugene O`Curry: On the Manners and Customs of the Ancient Irish, pp. 92–95. Eugene O`Curry: Lectures on the Manuscript Materials of Ancient Irish History.....
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