`What labor everywhere wants, what it ought to have, and will someday demand and receive, is an honest day`s pay for an honest day`s work. As the laborer becomes more intelligent he will develop what capital he already possesses—that is the power to organize and combine for its own protection.` -- Frederick Douglass. Category:Organized Labou...
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Avro was a British aircraft manufacturer founded in 1910 whose designs include the Avro 504 used as a trainer in the First World War, the Avro Lancaster, one of the pre-eminent bombers of the Second World War, and the delta wing Avro Vulcan, a stalwart of the Cold War. Avro was founded on 1 January 1910 by Alliott Verdon Roe at the Brownsfield Mil...
Found on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avro
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