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Foodworks International - Gourmet glossary
Category: Food and Drink
Date & country: 22/10/2013, US
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Crisp, paper thin cookies named for their tile-like appearance. They are often flavored with almond slices, lemon,

A bright yellow spice used primarily in commercial curry powder. It is also used in sweet pickles and for various dishes requiring a yellow color. This is used as a coloring substitute for saffron.

A stick-shaped cracker-textured snack. Taste mostly of yeast extract, but also contain cheese as an ingredient.

Tzatziki Sauce
Dipping sauce derived from yogurt, garlic, cucumber, olive oil and lemon juice. Served with calamari.

Traditionally served on Rosh Hashana, this sweet Jewish dish consists of variuos combinations of fruits, meat

Thick wheat noodles used in Japanese cooking.

A citrus fruit hybrid between a grapefruit and a tangerine native to Jamaica. It is available around the country from

The word which describes any baked good that has no leavener, such as yeast, baking powder or baking soda.

Unsalted Butter
What it says, butter without the 1.5

A crisp, sweet meringue shell used as a serving vessel for fruit and ice cream.

To cut zigzags in edges of fruit and vegetables halves, usually oranges, tomatoes or lemons. The food is

A plant native to Mexico now common in areas throughout the West Indies and Indian Ocean. The pod is used

Vegemite / Marmite
Not the same thing, but similar enough to not deserve separate entries. A thick brown paste made

A sauce of various stock bases thickened with a roux. This is used as a base for other more complex sauces, though it may be used alone.

A chilled soup of potatoes and leeks. Other versions now use zucchini, apples, and carrots.

Food or other provisions.

A sauce commonly used to dress salads, comprised of oil and vinegar. Emulsified vinaigrettes use egg and/or mustard to stabilize the dressing. Other combinations using acids other than vinegar, such as wine or citrus juice, are also

Vitello Tonnato
Thinly sliced roast or braised veal, served cold with a creamy, piquant tuna sauce. This combination may sound a bit unusual, but is surprisingly delicious.

A large round pastry case which is filled with a sauced mixture of meat, seafood, or vegetables then topped

Called Japanese horseradish, this is a root that is dried and ground to a fine powder. This powder is then

A rich Flemish stew from Ghent in Belgium made with fish and assorted vegetables. The sauce is enriched

Welsh Rarebit
Often confused as Welsh rabbit, this is a cheese sauce made with ale and seasoned with dry mustard, black pepper, and Worcestershire sauce. This is traditionally served over toast, with or without crumbled bacon. It is also a good variation of fondue and goes well with beer and ale.

A small marine snail. Whelks are poached and served hot or cold.

To beat ingredients such as egg whites or cream until light and fluffy. Air is incorporated into the ingredients as

Whipping Cream
In USA, cream with at least 30% butterfat. Whisk

Wiener Schnitzel
Thin slices of veal or pork breaded and fried in butter. Traditional garnishes are lemon butter, anchovies

Worcestershire Sauce
A condiment developed in England from flavors discovered in India. It is used as a sauce, a

Xanthan Gum
Produced from the fermentation of corn sugar. It is most commonly used as a stabilizer, emulsifier and thickener in foods such as yogurt, sour cream and salad dressings.

An indicator on a box of confectioners sugar of how many times it has been ground. The higher the

A Japanese dish of grilled chicken skewers. They may also include vegetables, chicken livers, or ginkgo nuts.

A fungus used in the production of bread and beer. Yeast, in the environment of sugar, produces carbon dioxide and alcohol. This process is called fermentation. Bread yeast comes in dry granulated and fresh cakes. A new form of yeast,

An Italian custard made with egg yolks and wine or juices, which are beaten vigorously over hot water to form a rich, creamy dessert. The custard can then be poured into glasses and chilled to be eaten later, or eaten warm with fresh fruit. Marsala is the most common wine used, though any sweet wine such as Madeira, Champagne, or Sauterne may be used.

The Russian version of tapas involving a lot of food and vodka.

A specialty of the town of Modena in northern Italy, this consists of a hollowed and stuffed pig's trotter which is poached and served as a part of a traditional bollito misto.

To remove the outermost skin layers of citrus fruit using a knife, peeler or zester. When zesting, be careful not to remove the pith, the white layer between the zest and the flesh, which is bitter.

This is an Italian form of charlotte royale. In this dessert, triangles of sponge cake are placed in a bowl to form a shell for the filling. The filling consists of stiffly whipped cream which is studded with toasted almonds, hazelnuts, chocolate chips, and candied fruit. A final layer of cake is placed over this, and when well set, the dessert is inverted onto a platter to