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Ringside by Gus - Boxing terminology
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Date & country: 31/01/2011, USA
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Sunday Punch
A knockout blow. A hard punch, knockout punch or KO punch that renders an opponent unable to continue fighting.

Take a Dive
To throw a fight. To intentionally pretend to get knocked out by a light punch, thus intentionally losing the fight. A fixed fight with an unlawful prearranged outcome.

Technical Decision
(TD) If a fight is scheduled for more than four rounds and an accidental foul occurs causing an injury severe enough for the referee to stop the fight after four rounds have occurred the fight will result in a technical decision or TD awarded to the boxer who is ahead on the score cards at the time the fight is stopped. If an int...

Technical Draw
If an intentional foul causes an injury and the injury results in the fight being stopped in a latter round, the fight will result in a Technical Draw if the injured boxer is behind or even on the score cards.

Technical Knockout
(TKO) A boxer loses by technical knockout or TKO if the referee intercedes and stops the fight declaring them unable to continue because of bad cuts or bruises, they cannot go on or cannot defend themselves.

Throw in the Towel
To throw in the towel also, to throw in the sponge is to end the fight, to give up, acknowledge defeat. When a boxer's second (his trainer or corner man) feels his boxer is taking a beating and doesn't think he can or should continue the fight he throws a towel or sponge into the ring to stop the carnage, to end the fight by TKO.

Tomato Can
A lousy fighter who usually loses in 4 or 5 rounds to boxers just starting out in their careers or to experienced boxers taking a bout just to stay in shape. Tomato Cans are known for bleeding, losing and taking a beating.

Unanimous Decision
(UD) A unanimous decision occurs when all three judges agree on a winner. Example: 116-114, 116-114, 115-113

The undercard consists of boxing matches that take place before the main event. They usually occur in an ascending order of importance.

Upper Cut
Upper cuts are thrown at close range. The jaw or the solar plexus is the target. It's an infighter's best weapon.

Walkout Bout
A walkout bout is a fight on the undercard that takes place after the main event. It's often boring to watch and people walkout of the arena during the fight. If the main event fight turns out to be a snoozer it's often referred to sarcastically as the walkout bout.

Weight Classes
The four sanctioning bodies recognize 17 weight classes or weight divisions for professional male boxers. For minimum and maximum pounds see boxing weight classes.

The weight-in is a pre-fight ceremony where boxers are weighed to make sure they are within the limits for their weight classes and contracted weight for the fight.

White Collar Boxers
White collar boxers are not registered amateurs or professional boxers. They box (basically spar with an opponent) in contests or exhibitions where no cash prizes are awarded.