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Transforming Lives - Cosmetic surgery
Category: Health and Medicine > Cosmetic surgery
Date & country: 08/01/2008, UK
Words: 160

a pigment in the skin or hair that gives it its tan, brown to black color

chin augmentation with an artificial implant

a technique using sand crystals and a vacuum to remove superficial skin cells and improve minor skin imperfections

an agent that softens and smoothes the skin

a benign growth on the skin that is usually pigmented; also called a nevus

Nasolabial fold
the crease extending from the side of the nostril to the corner of the mouth; smile or laugh lines

Neck lift
surgery to remove excess skin to raise the neckline, correct 'turkey neck', and improve one's profile; also called cervicoplasty

Nipple and-or areola reduction
surgery to remove excess skin and tissue of the nipple and / or areaola to provide a more aesthetic appearance

Nipple inversion repair
surgery to correct flat or inverted nipples through a small incision around the areola

Nurse Anesthetist
a nurse trained and specialising in the administration of anesthesia

Open rhinoplasty
surgery of the nose involving an incision at the base of the columella between the nostrils

surgery of the ear to pin back prominent ears or reduce and reshape overly large or malformed ears

a person who receives treatment and who does not need to stay overnight; the term can also be applied to the facility itself (such as outpatient clinic)

when the top teeth extend forward more than the bottom teeth when the jaw is closed

the primary muscles of the chest

Around the mouth.

Around the eyes

a strong chemical solution used to remove deep wrinkles in the skin

Plastic surgery
the branch of surgery dealing with the repair or enhancement of malformed, injured, or lost organs or tissues

Porcelain veneer
a thin covering attached to the surface of the tooth to improve it's appearance

tiny opening in the skin

Port-wine stain
a congenital overabundance of blood vessels beneath the surface of the skin

refers to a period of recovery and healing that takes place after a surgical procedure

a chronic skin disease characterized by inflammation and pink or silvery scaly patches

drooping or sagging, commonly referring to eyebrows, eyelids, and breasts

Pulsed light
a beam of light emitted in a short burst of energy

Reconstructive surgery
surgical procedures performed on abnormal structures of the body, to improve function and approximate normal appearance

Reduction mammoplasty
surgically reducing the size of the breast by removing extra skin, fat, and breast tissue

the act of measuring the degree of error of the power of one's

to make youthful

surgery of the nose;surgery to reshape the nose for a more aesthetically desirable appearance

a facelift; surgery to reduce jowls under the cheeks and improve the jawline and neck for a more youthful look; also called rhytidoplasty

a condition causing flusing, dilated blood vessels, and sometimes acne on the nose and cheeks

salt water; used as replacement fluid during surgery, or in tumescent solution for anesthesia

a permanent mark containing connective tissue that results from the body's response to injury

a technique for treating dilated veins by injecting a solution that irritates and collapses the vessel

Sebaceous gland
oil producing gland of the skin

oil from sebaceous glands

reconstructive surgery of the nasal septum, used to repair a deviated septum; can improve breathing ability

a thin wall dividing two cavities, such as between the nose

Skin resurfacing
a surgical procedure that removes upper skin layers to produce new skin

Skin tag
a benign fleshy growth commonly found on the neck, under the arms, and on the eyelid

Spider vein
non-essential superficial dilated veins that lie just beneath the skin

a cream that reflects ultraviolet radiation. Usually containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide

a cream that absorbs ultraviolet radiation

to close a wound surgically; the stitch that joins together the edges of an incision

Sweat gland
a gland that secretes perspiration through a pore in the skin

equal and balanced when one side is compared to the other

a permanently etched or pigmented mark in the skin

Tummy tuck
repair of abdominal muscle and removal of excess fat and skin to flatten the abdomen, especially beneficial after pregnancy or weight loss; also known as 'abdominoplasty'

Turkey neck
excess skin and fat under the chin

ultraviolet light type A, with a wavelength of 320-400nm; causes aging and damage to the elastin and collagen in the skin as well as tanning

ultraviolet light type B, with a wavelength of 290-320; causes reddening and some tanning of the skin

Varicose veins
abnormally dilated or enlarged veins

Vein stripping
the surgical removal of varicose veins

a covering applied to the tooth made from porcelain to improve the tooth's appearance

an autoimmune disorder in which the body attacks the pigment cells and leaves the skin with patchy white areas

a benign lump on the skin caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV)

Widow's peak
a sharp point of hair growth in the midline of the anterior scalp margin. Can occur as a result of the hair line recessing

a furrow, ridge, line, or crease in the skin; also called a rhytid