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Quadra solutions - CAD Terms
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Date & country: 16/12/2007, UK
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It is an ASCII file in the Redac Interface Neutral Format (RINF). enables you to compare a currently active Schematic or PCB design with another design. Amoung other features.

The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (ROHS) became European Law in February 2003. Together with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) that is setting collection, recycling and recovery targets for all types of electrical goods it is part of a legislative initiative to solve the problem of huge amounts of toxic …

Return On Investment.

Abbreviation of Standard Generalized Mark-up Language, a system for organizing and tagging elements of a document. SGML was developed and standardized by the International Organization for Standards (ISO). SGML itself does not specify any particular formatting; rather, it specifies the rules for tagging elements. These tags can then be interpreted …

Signal Integrity
The quality of an electrical signal or pulse on the interconnect track of a PCBA or component. Electronic signals, particularly high speed ones will deteriorate, distort or oscillate if the designer has not made allowances for impedance matching and signal transmission effects.

A new software programme to sit ontop of CADSTAR designed and released by Quadra Solutions Ltd. This new software is designed to greatly reduce the time needed going from Design to documentation for export.

Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data - a neutral format for exchanging CAD data between software programs. An international standard for the computer interpretable representation and exchange of product data.

Application Protocol 203 The STEP application protocol: 'Part 203: Configuration controlled 3D designs of mechanical parts and assemblies''. AP203 describes how the formation, the structure, the geometrical shape and the versions of complex mechanical components and assemblies are to be represented. It has an international standard ISO-10303-203.

STL Files
Stands for Stereo lithography: - A process that uses a CAD model to guide a laser through a polymer solution. The laser hardens the solution within the boundary of the part, one thin layer at a time, to produce a real, three-dimensional mock-up.

TLA (three-letter acronym or three-letter abbreviation) is a TLA and is the most common type of abbreviation in technical terminology, and is also very in general common language. Since TLA can also stand for 'two-letter acronym', it is ambiguous; the abbreviation 3LA or the term trigram can be used instead.

Common jargon for standard AutoCAD a version without extras added or taken away.

This is the European Community directive on waste electrical and electronic equipment that, together with the RoHS Directive, became European Law in February 2003, setting collection, recycling and recovery targets for all types of electrical goods. WEEE governs Re-use, recycle, and disposal.

What You See Is What You Get: Refers to an accurate screen representation of final output. Pronounced 'WizzyWig.'

Short for Extensible Markup Language, a specification developed by the W3C. XML is a pared-down version of SGML, designed especially for Web documents. It allows designers to create their own customized tags, enabling the definition, transmission, validation, and interpretation of data between applications and between organizations.

An xref represents a conceptual association between referenced resources. This association may be typed by an association definition, or it may be an untyped xref. XRefs may appear in rich text or inside the associations` field, which is a special container for XRefs pertaining to a reference. An xref is different from a crossref, because the xref …