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Heriot-Watt University
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Collaborative Reviewer
A named second reviewer who has input into the review. Only appropriate in limited circumstances e.g. where the Reviewee works to more than person or project.

The person responsible for encouraging the Reviewer to fulfil their role, for noting outcomes of the review process and for signing off the written records from the PDR meeting.

Forward Job Plan (FJP)
The document used to record and individual's objectives for the coming PDR year as agreed with their Reviewer. Also used to record progress made against those objectives, during the PDR year.

Interim Meeting
Meeting held during the PDR year to review progress against objectives and update the FJP. At least one, mid-year interim meeting is recommended. More frequent meeting might be necessary e.g. for new staff.

A clear statement of something that needs to be accomplished over a period of time.

PDR Form
The document used to record a summary of what is discussed and agreed at the annual PDR meeting.

PDR Guidance Notes
Guidance of the PDR procedures and how to apply them. There are separate guidance notes for Reviewees, Reviewers, Countersignatories and Heads of Schools/Institutes/Sections.

PDR Meeting
The annual, formal meeting between the Reviewee and Reviewer where the Reviewee's performance during the PDR year just ended is assessed, objectives agreed for the coming year and training and development needs are identified.

PDR Year
The annual cycle during which the planning, monitoring and evaluating process takes place. Our PDR year runs from January to December.

The person being reviewed.

SMART Objective
An objective which is Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic and Timebound.