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Tea and medals - Military glossary
Category: Military and Defence
Date & country: 17/11/2007, UK
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Auto Colt Pistol. Developed by John Browning in 1905 and adopted by the United States Ordinance Department, with the Colt-Browning automatic pistol, in 1911, it has also been made the official military handgun calibre by several other governments. The 45 was replaced in 1985 as the official military handgun cartridge by the 9mm Parabellum.

Acronym for Automatic Electric Gun, or Airsoft Electric Gun, depending on your preference.

Abtomat Kalashnikov (Automatic Kalashnikov). Usually seen as in AK47, but there are some people using AK74's. It's not a spelling error, the numbers refer to the year the gun was introduced.

Also Known As.

Chemical application of colour on to metal, highly resilient to wear . This lets you have bright shiny gun parts in electric blue, and so forth. Not to be confused with Aniseed, which is much tastier.

Area of Responsibility. Each team member will have an AOR, and it is their job to engage any threats in that. Sometimes also known as a firezone.

Automatic Rifle. Usually used to refer to the AR-15, also known as the M16.

Armed Response Unit. Wave your airsoft gun around in public and these are the guys that will turn up.

Armed Response Vehicle. What said ARU will turn up in. Has 2 handguns in a safe between the seats, and 2 MP5's in the floorspace. The vehicle is usually marked with a yellow dot.

Armee Universal Gewehr (Universal Army Rifle)

(1) Continuous firing without manual re-cocking, also known as Fully Automatic. (2) A pistol.

Absent With Out Leave. i.e., bunked off. This will get you in plenty of trouble.

The bit your BB's travel down after you pull the trigger.

Acronym for Ball Bearing, in this case a 6mm plastic one.

Battle Dress Uniform.

One of several types of pistol made by Pietro Beretta (Italy).

Bolt Action
Type of single shot Airsoft, normally on 'sniper' type rifles.

Slang; To ambush or attack the opposition (or have them attack you).

The bearings which the gears run in. Standard bushings are made of plastic, and sustained fire can heat these up, causing them to snap and your gears to crash.

(Handguns) Bottom part of the grip. (Long Guns) Rear of shoulder end of stock, which rests against shooter`s shoulder. If you get this confused with the barrel, try another sport.

1. Size/diameter of the inside of the barrel 2. Horrible alcohol free lager.

Disguise to help you blend with your background to reduce your visibility, breaking up your outline. Can be clothing, face-paint, vegetation, netting, etc.

A shortened version of a long barreled rifle. Carbines are under 16inchs in length and are not usually as ballistically accurate as the long guns they are derived from.

Chicken Plate
Slang for the ceramic or steel disk that fits inside a bullet-proof vest. The plate, which is positioned over the heart, is designed to withstand hits from high-calibre bullets.

Chrono, Chronograph
Device to measure the muzzle velocity of a projectile. Usually done by calculation based on the projectile breaking 2 fixed light beams, or by radar.

Classic Army
Manufacturers of metal bodies and other parts for airsoft guns.

Engagement with the enemy.

Covert Operation
An operation that is planned and executed as to conceal the identity of, or permit plausible denial by, the sponsor(s). This differs from a clandestine operation in that emphasis is placed on the concealment of the sponsor's identity, rather than on the concealment of the operation.

Close Quarter Battle, the kind of combat that is a hallmark of police special ops, where engagements are at extremely short range and happen at extremely high speed


1. Protection from hostile observation and fire provided by an obstacle such as a hill, ridge, or bank. 2. A vertical distance by which a position is concealed from enemy observation. 3. To shield from enemy fire or observation by using natural or artificial obstacles.

Double Action
Pistols which cock the hammer and release it on one pull of the trigger. This usually requires a longer pull than is required for a single action.

Disruptive Patterned Material. British Army type of camouflage

The SVD (Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova)-Sniper Rifle Dragunov was the first Russian rifle exclusively designed from scratch as a sniper rifle, was created to replace the SVT-40 (Samozariyadnaya Vintovka Tokareva) sniper rifle. The original Dragunov SVD was designed by Yevgeniy Feodorovich Dragunov, a coleauge of Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov, designer of the AK-47 Kalashnikov series of rifles. It appears that the design and development phase of this rifle took place at the Izhvesk Mashinostroitelny Zavod (IZHMESH). The Dragunov was formally adopted by the Red Army in 1963.

Drop-Zone. Target area for parachuting troops or supplies.

Electric Blow-Back. Pistol where the slide is operated by an electric motor. Generally considered inferior to Gas Blow-Backs.

3rd Generation Tokyo Marui Motor. High speed motor.

1st Generation Tokyo Marui Motor. No longer used, except for a specially tuned version in the FAMAS.

2nd Generation Tokyo Marui Motor. Standard in most guns.

Ejection Port
Where used ammunition cases would be ejected if live-firing

Explosive Ordnance Disposal. The Bomb Squad to the rest of us.

Fusil Automatique Leger

Fusil Automatique Manufacture d'Armes St. Etienne

Fallschirmjaeger Gewehr

Fighting In Built Up Areas. The Army's method of fighting, in urban locations, including techniques such as room clearance by fire and grenades, etc.

Fire & Movement
Tactic for advancing on enemy position by use of fire teams. One team puts accurate suppressive fire on the position while the other team moves. The role is then reversed. This continues until both teams are in the desired position. Can also be used in reverse for strategic withdrawal.

Fire Selector Switch
Selects safety, semi, burst or fully automatic firing, depending on the model

Full Metal Jacket. A type of bullet construction most commonly comprised of a lead alloy core with a gilding metal jacket surrounding the core. Only the base of the core is exposed.

Fabrique Nationale a'Armes d G Herstal (Belgium)

Feet Per Second. Measurement of the power of an airsoft weapon. Commonly accepted limits are 328fps for AEG's and 500fps for single action. See section on Law for more details.

Main body of a firearm or replica

Luigi Franchi (Italy). Manufacturer of Shotguns, notably the SPAS 12.

Government Issue, a marking stamped on U.S. equipment. Nowadays used to mean U.S. Infantryman.

Gas Blow-Back. Weapon (usually a pistol) that uses compressed air to fire bb's and cycle the slide, simulating recoil.

Contains the gears & piston.

Connect the motor to the piston.

Ghillie suits have been around since the time of Scottish Game keepers using them to capture poachers trying to take their flocks of animals. Generally only used by snipers, these can be a highly effective form of camouflage.

St. Etienne Arsenal

Groupe d'intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale, France's elite counterterrorist unit. Formed in 1976. Among GIGN's accomplishments were the rescue of a school bus of children that was hijacked in Djibouti by four terrorists in February 1976, and the assault of an Air France jetliner that was hijacked by Algerian terrorists in December 1994

Troop name of the British GPMG, the FN MAG

General Purpose Machine Gun. Personally I always thought the purpose of a machine gun was fairly apparent...

Green Slime
Intelligence Corps. So called because of the colour of their berets.

Grenzschutzgruppe 9. Formed in 1973 at their headquarters of Hangelar, Germany. GSG-9 was formed as a direct result of the inept response of German police to actions of Black September terrorists at the 1972 Munich Olympics, where 13 Israeli athletes lost their lives in an open shoot-out between police and terrorists.

Heavy Barrelled Automatic Rifle

Type of gas used to power GBB's and NBB's. Safe to use in all weapons.

AKA Green Gas. This is more powerful than HFC134a, and can damage guns. Care should be taken to check your weapon is capable of using this type of gas.

Hong Kong, where a lot of guns are imported from.

Heavy Machine Gun

High Operation Power - Up. Device to impart backspin and hence longer range on a BB. See Weapons section for more detail.

Hostage Rescue Team, an elite FBI unit that responds to terrorist and similar high-risk incidents. HRT is often used to describe any similar sort of team, such as the SEALS, GIGN, etc.

Heads Up Display. Used in planes and on some sights, this projects information onto a transparent screen in front of the user. They look through this and are able to keep their eyes on the target while still being able to gather instrument information.

Israeli Military Industries, weapon manufacturers notable for the Uzi and Desert Eagle.

Individual Weapon, standard issue weapons for soldiers.

Jacketed Hollow Point. Bullet with a cavity in the nose, designed for rapid expansion on impact

Measurement of energy. Used to define the maximum muzzle energy. The legal limit for Airsoft weapons is 1.35j. See section on the Law for more details.

Killed In Action

Kurz (MP5K)
German for 'short'

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Usually referring to laser sights. These project a visible point of light (usually red or green) onto a target. Yet another reason the Americans are wrong to spell it 'Lazer'. It doesn't make any sense!

Light Antitank Weapon. Hopefully no-one you're skirmishing against will have one of these...

Light Machine Gun

Light Support Weapon, also known as a squad or section support gun.

Mitrailleuse a Gaz

Mag, Magazine
Contains ammunition which feeds into the Airsoft model

Metal Body Kit
Upgrade to add weight and strength to your AEG.

Missing In Action. Usually presumed dead.

Medium Machine Gun

Minute of Angle. Angular unit of measure used to describe the accuracy potential of rifles, ammunition, bullets or loads. One MOA equals 1/60th of a degree ( 21 600 minutes in a circle ) and subtends 1.047 inches at 100 yards, or, for practical purposes, 1' at 100 yards

Meal Ready to Eat (a Ration Pack)

The target (not the breach block) end of the barrel, where bb's depart the gun.

Muzzle Velocity
Speed of projectile as it exits the muzzle of the barrel.

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation - set military specs for member nations

Non Blow-Back. Type of gas powered airsoft pistol that has a fixed slide.

Night Vision.

Night Vision Goggles

Opposing Force, aka The Enemy.

Operational Security, a set of procedures outlining how to avoid compromising the mission's integrity.

A type of 9mm ammunition used in some live-firing pistols and SMGs. The Parabellum name comes from ancient Latin saying Si vis Pacem, Para bellum - if you want Peace, prepare for War.

Personal Defense Weapon

General term used for any firearm, e.g. “carrying a piece�. Originated from the term “fowling piece� which was a muzzle-loading shotgun.

Pushes air from the cylinder into the barrel