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Rice University - New Words Glossary
Category: Language and Literature > New words
Date & country: 11/09/2007, USA
Words: 101

Andropause (Or Viropause)
The end of virility


pretending to be artistic. Overly artistic

One who loves and collects audio equipment and media

Auto "Dentist"
One who repairs dents, hail damage, and other types of minor damage on automobiles

Back Story
The events of a character's life prior to the start of a fictional story

A feeling of annoyance and anger one endures at the airport when his bags have not arrived at the baggage carousel but everyone else's bags have [blend formed from words bag and aggravation]. i.e. 'Nancy couldn't help but feel baggravation as she watched other passengers get their luggage and leave the airport.' (Internet)

[alter, of Benedick] a newly married man who has long been a bachelor

Very far away: Beyond Fu**ing Egypt also B.F.E., b.f.e [Acronym Egypt was chosen somewhat arbitrarily as a country on the opposite side of the world Variant: Bomfoq Egypt] i.e. 'My car is parked BFE!' (Conversation)

One who eats when s/he is not hungry; greedy [compound of big+eye+d 'adjective forming]

The act of rollerblading, or skating while wearing a modified version of rollerskates called rollerblades which have only one continuous line (a blade) of wheels on the underside of each boot [clip of verb rollerblading ]. i.e. 'I'm going blading around the inner loop if you want to come.' (Conversation)

Bronco Bag
Tarp material used to protect well-coifed TV types from sun or rain

Shorthand method of expressing by the way, commonly used in office memorandums and email communications. i.e. 'BTW, there's a diversity training class meeting at 1:00 in the conference room.' (Memorandum at work)

Slang Relaxing syn chilling. i.e. 'He didn't work at all He was just cadillacing.' (Conversation)

The campus police who patrol Rice University; refers to either one policeman, a group of them, and/or the collective entity of policemen [clipping/blend of 'campus' and 'police.'] i.e. 'You could get a ticket from the campos if you park your car here.' (Conversation)

An incident by which a usually armed individual coerces the driver of an automobile to give up his vehicle or drive it and the assailant to some specified location [blend of car and hijacking ]. i.e. 'A carjacking at the corner of Cherry Lane and the Interstate 30 access road has left local residents shocked.' (KXAS Local News, 9-28-96)

used to describe Netscape when it freezes or jams [ based on the observation of a 'shooting star' or a comet (cannot really tell) that appears on the Netscape button, in the upper right corner of a Netscape browser ] i.e. 'Oh geez, Netscape is cometised.' (Internet Newsgroup)

A garment or article of clothing made of corduroy fabric [Clipping of corduroy] i.e. 'Hey, I like your cords!' (Conversation)

A type of athletic shoe designed for cross-training, an all encompassing fitness routine which involves running, weight lifting, and other sports [compound formed from roots cross and train + -er ]. i.e. 'The new Nike Cross-Trainer.' (Advertisement, Sports Illustrated 9-30-96)

Date Rape
An incidence of forced sexual intercourse by one of two individuals after an initial social encounter, usually a date [compound formed with roots date and rape ]. i.e. 'You Can Protect Yourself Against Date Rape' (Flyer at Hanszen College, Rice University)

Affected with a condition that misshapes or distorts [Blend of 'afflicted' and 'deformed.'] i.e. 'I wouldn't want my girlfriend to have the deflicted body of a rower.' (Conversation)

A clinic or treatment facility at which substance abusers attempt to rid themselves of dependency on a particular drug. Part of this process entails the actual physical removal of toxins present in the body due to the abuse of a substance

Disorient Express
A state of confusion

An individual who hears an incident occur, especially one who later gives a report on what he heard [blend of ear and eyewitness ]

Eaters Coma
A condition characterized by sluggishness, sleepiness, and often a lack of motivation to do anything but rest/relax or sleep; a condition whose onset occurs shortly after a meal, usually dinner.

Eaters Death
The acute form of eaters coma; characterized by difficulty in standing up and walking, onset occurs after an extremely large meal.

Black English Vernacular [Blend of ebony and phonics]

A symbol, usually found in e-mail messages, made up of punctuation marks that resembles a human expression

beyond fabulous

Slang Flashing or giving gang signs

A personal attack within a post on Usenet

Slang Rapping

A frosty, creamy dessert; frozen yogurt

a very energetic form of step aerobics that mixes exercise and soul music

A joke; a humorous comment or remark, sometimes unintentionally humorous

Beyond far-fetched [Compound further and fetched] i.e. 'That's even worse

Garden Burger
A hamburger made with a non-meat, vegetarian patty instead of beef.

Garden Tool Mama
Slang. a prostitute ['Garden tool' is a euphemism of the vulgar slang ho, which is a derivative (euphemistic respelling) of 'whore'.]

Get Funged
Epithet for when someone bungles an important task ( in honor of criminalist Dennis Fung)

extremely large [blend of gigantic and enormous]

A cosmopolitan executive that has the ability to perform well across the globe.

To use the same boat but switch out rowers for consecutive races, as in races that occur immediately after another

, In My Humble Opinion [Acronym used on the Internet]

A television production that dramatizes a story lying temporally between the story in the original production and that of its sequel

To get hit on the head, especially with a TV crew's boom microphone

A type of cartoon or animation originating in Japan carrying robotic and futuristic themes. Also known as anime

Slang. An intense desire.

reminiscent of Michael Jordan

Slang gangster, as in a member of street gang

In last place, worst off, lagging behind the rest

A Macintosh computer

Collective term used for pre-teens and teenagers for whom it is commonplace to spend large amount of time socializing and wandering through urban shopping malls

A job in a service related field with low pay, low prestige and little opportunity for advancement

An annoying individual moving slowly and aimlessly in front of another individual who is in a bit of a hurry [blend formed from meander and neanderthal ]. i.e. 'As much as he tried, Ben could do nothing to get around the meanderthal on the narrow sidewalk.' (Internet)

Media Leaks Center
The row of Porta Potties (portable public toilets) outside the courthouse

Energy for action toward a goal; motivation

A person who spends an excessive amount of time on the Internet

Noah'S Arking
The state of wearing pants in which the length is hilariously short (in other words, it is more than a couple of inches above the ankle.) [Metonymic coinage

A fabric/material which is resistant to pilling

Individuals leading a very nondescript and mediocre life who nonetheless always put forth their best effort and make do with the lot life has given out [noun formed form verb plug ].

An instrument comprised of a scooping device on a long pole used for the collection of animal waste matter

Music that is popular with the general public, and has purpose or is trying promote particular ideas

extremely hostile

Likely to happen, possibly occur

very crazy (psychotic) and overly dramatic

Retail Elephant
A business that dominates or monopolizes an area

A dangerous activity popular with today's delinquents which involves throwing sometimes heavy objects from the back of a moving truck or vehicle

Rubber-Chicken Circuit
The round of fund-raising dinners attended by politicians

An embarrassing and catastrophic event occurring when an individual attempts and fails to use humorous sarcasm [blend of sarcasm and catastrophe ].

Scheck Happens
General epithet used when things go awry

A cup of coffee made with equal parts of caffeinated and de-caffeinated coffee

Sea Lawyer
One who attempts to shirk responsibility or blame through trivial technicalities

A condition describing someone who is addicted to sex and alcohol

to 'rent' something for free by purhcasing it and then returning it within 30 days for a full refund

Slow-Speed Chaser
A celebratory drink after court is adjourned

Snail Mail
The standard system of mail delivery in which letters, documents, and packages are physically transported from one location to another, in contrast to electronic mail [rhyming compound formed from roots snail and mail].

Space-Possession Dictatorial
Overly concerned with: one's possessions, the placement of these, and the placement of others' possessions in the vicinity of one's possessions; characterized by compulsive behavior regarding one's possessions.

Multiple posts of the same message to the same or different Usenet newsgroups or to an e-mail account. The message is usually adverts or marketing promotions and contains no useful or worthwhile information.

An informal speech, usually brief and sometimes impromptu

person or computer program that searches the web for new links and link them to search engines

A utensil with both bowl and tines, a combination of spoon and fork

(pl stalkerazzis) Tabloid journalist who pursues celebrities night and day, dogging their every move

swerving a car back and forth by rapidly turning the steering wheel (left and right ...repeatedly.)

The logo of the Nike Corporation, resembling a rounded off check-mark.

Derogatory reference to the distinctive logo of the Nike Corporation Alludes to the powerful hegemony of Nike in the world of sportswear and marketing, the blind logo-worship of unthinking masses of people, and Nike's treatment of its third world workers like slave labor; implicit comparison with Nazi party and the its swastika

spray painting a gang's name on walls

Illegal money-making schemes conducted by phony telemarketers

An evangelist who conducts regular religious services on television

To change a planet's surface and atmosphere so that life as it exist on Earth is possible [compound from L

An abbreviation of touchdown, the scoring of six points in American football by penetrating an opponent's end zone while in possession of the football

A person who sends messages to a Usenet newsgroup to incite emotions and cause controversy

Characterized by an insane rage, particularly in the context of a sporting event

Something which lifts, an ascending platform; an elevator

Short, not tall

One who loves and collects video equipment and media

Very unpleasant, undesirable; inappropriate, incorrect or not the way something should be or expected to be, contrary to the social norm; bad or negative in a general sense

Slang to sit or stand against a wall at a party

To dismiss or ignore

a person's vocabulary

A person who tends to worry habitually and often needlessly