Dres drɛs or dresiarz drɛɕaʂ (plural dresy [drɛsɨ] or dresiarze [drɛɕaʐɛ]) is a term used in Poland to describe a specific subculture or class of young males. Dresiarze stereotypically live in urban tower blocks or tenement houses. They are usually portrayed as undereducated, unemployed, aggressive and anti-social. The dresiarz phenomeno...
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Drês is the sixth album released by Brazilian band Nando Reis e os Infernais. The singer Ana Cañas guest appeared on the track `Pra Você Guardei o Amor`. The song `Ainda Não Passou` nominated for the 2009 Latin Grammy Award of Best Brazilian Song (Portuguese Language). As of August 2010, the album sold around 18,000 copies. The name of the...
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