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Pave Graphics - Web design terms
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Date & country: 28/03/2011, UK
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City of approximately 320,000 on the north-east coast of Scotland, UK where we operate.

Banner ads
Adverts, usually animated, that appear on web pages and come in various sizes. When clicked these take you to the advertised site.

The specific identification of a company by which it becomes known, used, trusted and quoted by the consumer.

Content Managament System
or 'CMS': A content management system is a program installed on the server which allows someone with little or no web authoring knowledge to update and maintain their website. A CMS usually has two interfaces or login modes: one for the administrator, where they can make necessary updates, and one for the website viewer, where they see the result of those updates.

Corporate Identity
How a particular business is perceived by its customers and the rest of the marketplace. Its name, logo, typeface, colors, slogan, etc., are all elements that help comprise a company's corporate identity.

Corporate Literature
A company's advertising material: usually leaflets, pamphlets, booklets, brochures, flyers etc.

(In this case) Noun: A decorative or artistic work; Verb: to create a design, create or execute in an artistic or highly skilled manner.

Design for Print
As Graphic Design, above, but specifically for the print medium.

Domain Name
The unique name that identifies an internet site: a website's address (e.g.

An authoring software developed by Macromedia used to create graphics-based animation with full-screen navigation interfaces, graphic illustrations, and simple interactivity. Uses vector shapes which helps to keep file sizes to a minimum.

A single-sheet, printed advertisement, usually around A6 size (approx. 10cm x 15cm)

Graphic Design
The branch of visual arts concerned with the aesthetics and production of layout, design and typography to communicate an idea or concept

Graphic Design
See Design, above

The housing of a web site. Your web site must physically reside on a computer (a server) that's connected to the internet, and managed by a hosting company, which ensures it is always available. Hosting companies typically charge a one-time setup fee in addition to the monthly hosting fee. Pave Graphics can host your site at great rates and we charge yearly.

HTML and Javascript
Languages used for communication between web pages and the web site browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer) that display them.

see Corporate Identity, above

see 'Keywords' below

Single terms or short phrases that best define the main points of your web page topic. Keywords are used by search engines to match a website topic to a phrase entered in the search bar.

A combination of characters and/or graphics creating a single design used to identify a company. Short for 'Logotype'

Meta Tags
Information placed in the HTML header of a Web page, providing information that is not visible to browsers. The most common meta tags relevant to search engines are keyword and description tags.

The delivery of information, usually to a personal computer, in a combination of different formats including text, graphics, animation, audio, and video.

(In this case) a series of informational 'slides' to be projected onto a screen during a talk or conference.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
The process of crafting a site's content so that the site gets high rankings in the various search engines: Google, Yahoo, Ask etc. (both the site and individual pages), and includes tailoring on-page text (such as headlines and subtitles) as well as choosing the proper keywords for a page's meta tags.

The art of arrangement, style, appearance and publishing of type and typefaces.

Vector Graphics
Generation of images from mathematical and geometric descriptions that determine the position, length, and direction in which lines are drawn.

Web Design
The production of the look and feel of a site and all its visual elements including page layout, background and spot imagery, color scheme, typography, navigation buttons, etc.

Web site (Website)
A collection of "web pages" or files linked together and available on the World Wide Web.

Electronic Commerce. Refers to the general exchange of goods and services via the Internet and use of credit and debit card numbers.