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Wrongdiagnosis - Medical terms
Category: Health and Medicine > Wrong Diagnosis glossary
Date & country: 09/11/2010, USA
Words: 14

Vision impairment from irregularly shaped eye cornea or lens.

Bone conditions:
Conditions that affect the bones

Inability to hear sounds.

Eye and vision conditions
Medical conditions affecting the eyes or the vision systems.

Failure To Thrive
Slow growth or inadequate weight gain of an infant or child.

Finger deformity
Distortion or abnormal appearance of the fingers.

Finger symptoms
Symptoms affecting any fingers

Hallux valgus
A condition which is characterized by the prominence of the inner aspect of the first metatarsal head with bursal formation.

Head Conditions
Conditions that affect the head

Kidney conditions
Any condition affecting the kidney organs.

Limb conditions
Medical conditions affecting the upper or lower limbs.

Musculoskeletal conditions
Medical conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system of bones, muscles and related structures.

Short-sightedness often requiring glasses

Urinary system conditions
Medical conditions affecting urination, urinary organs or the urinary system.