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Wolverhampton City Council - A glossary of terms for governors
Category: Education
Date & country: 15/01/2008, UK
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A new type of school that brings a distinctive approach to school leadership drawing on the skills of sponsors and other supporters.

The Advisory Centre for Education. Website

Aggregated School Budget.

Advanced Skills Teachers.

Attainment targets
These establish what children of differing ability should be expected to know and be able to do by the end of each Key Stage of the National Curriculum.

Age-weighted Pupil Unit, that is, the sum of money allocated to the school for each pupil according to age. This is the main source of funding for the school.

Basic skills
Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

Behaviour and Education Support Team.

Best Value
A commitment which the council, including children and young people's service, makes to ensure that services provided are to clear standards of cost and quality by the most efficient, effective and economic means available.

Bichard Report
A report produced following the Soham murders which identifies how such an incident should not happen again. Website

Building Schools for the Future.

Capital expenditure
Spending on projects, improvements and extensions of the school.

Capitation allowance
The part of the school`s annual budget allocated to spending on equipment and teaching materials.

The Campaign for State Education. Website

Casting Vote
An additional vote to be used by the Chair of Governors if an equal number of votes is cast for and against a motion.

Children`s Centres
The aims of children`s centres are to provide good quality integrated services that have a broad and lasting impact on children, their parents and the wider community, e.g. education, care, family support and health.

City Learning Centre (based on Wednesfield High School site). Website

Clerk to the Governing Body
A person appointed to carry out administrative duties for the governing body, such as preparing agenda, minuting meetings and dealing with correspondence.

Community Governor
A governor representing community and local business chosen by members of the governing body.

Community Schools
Formerly LEA maintained schools.

Competitive tendering
Obtaining quotes from the LA and private sector companies before awarding contracts.

Core Curriculum
English, Maths, Science and ICT - these are studied by all pupils.

Continuing Professional Development.

Children & Young People.

Department for Children, Schools and Families.

Dedicated Headship Time
Quality time agreed between the governing body and the headteacher which the headteacher spends focussing on the leadership of the school.

Delegated budget
The part of the Education budget which governors manage under Local Management of Schools (LMS).

Delegated powers
Permission for a committee to take action on behalf of the governing body without further reference to it.

DfES (DCSF & DIUS from August 2007)
The Department for Education and Skills. Website

The organisation of teaching programmes and methods specifically to suit the age, ability and aptitudes of individual children.

Directed time
Time when a teacher must be available to carry out duties, including attending staff and parent meetings, under the direction of the head. Maximum of 1265 hours in a school year.

A term used where National Curriculum requirements may not apply to a pupil.

Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills.

A provisional or tentative paper put forward for consultation.

Education Action Zone.

Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (Special Needs).

Every Child Matters - a government initiative focusing on positive outcomes for all children. Website

Equality and Diversity Education Service.

Education and Inspection Act 2006.

Excellence in Cities. Website

Ethnic Minority Achievement Grant - funding to support ethnic minority pupils in schools.

An intranet portal developed to be one of the primary communication tools within the Wolverhampton Children & Young People's Service

Equal Opportunities Commission. Website

Education Psychologist.

Educational Social Workers.

Excellent Teacher.

Ex Officio
Able to attend meetings by virtue of holding a particular office.

The temporary or permanent banning of a pupil from school.

Extended Schools
Schools offering extended services such as study support, childcare, parental support, health and social care.

Fair Funding
The framework for delegating money to schools.

More than one school can be 'federated' under a single governing body.

Financial Management Standards in Schools.

Form of Entry
The number of classes that a school admits each year.

Formula Funding
A local authority formula for allocating money to schools.

Foundation Governor
A Governor appointed by the foundation body of a voluntary school.

Foundation Schools
Formerly grant maintained schools in the main.

Foundation Stage
The first stage of the national curriculum that focuses on the distinct needs of children aged three until the end of the reception year of primary school.

Governors Advisory Forum - a consultative body of representative governors, which meets monthly with local authority officers.

Governing Body.

General Certificate of Secondary Education.

General National Vocational Qualification.

General Teaching Council. Website

Graduate Teacher Programme - a programme delivered jointly between a university and a school to enable a graduate to achieve qualified teacher status.

Higher Level Teaching Assistant.

Her Majesty's Inspectors. Website

Home School Agreements
The governing body must establish this agreement, setting out the aims and values of the school, the responsibilities of schools and parents and the expectations of pupils.

Information and Communications Technology.

Interim Executive Board.

Investors in People. A quality standard awarded to organisations - including schools - demonstrating a commitment to developing employees. Website

Educating all pupils, whatever their needs, within mainstream schools.

Inset Day
Teacher Training Day - each year five days during term-time are set aside for staff training. Pupils do not attend school on these days.

Instrument of Government - A legal document setting out the composition of governing bodies.

Information for School and College Governors. Website

Initial Teacher Training.

Key Stages
The four stages of the National Curriculum (see SATS).

Local Authority.

Looked After Children e.g. those in care homes, foster homes.

Learning & Skills Council (LSC)
Body responsible for funding and planning education and training for over 16's in England.

Leadership Incentive Grant - collaboration between schools to strengthen leadership significantly, enhance teaching and learning and establish high expectations.

Local Management of Schools - a system whereby schools are responsible for their delegated budgets and managing their own affairs.

Leadership Programme for Serving Headteachers.

Learning and Skills Council.

Multi Agency Support Team.

The formal written record of a meeting.

Mixed ability
A teaching group in which children of all abilities are taught together.

Moderate Learning Difficulties (Special Needs).

The National Association of Head Teachers. Website

The National Association of Schoolmasters / Union of Women Teachers. Website

The National Association of School Managers. Website

National Curriculum
This was established by the 1988 Education Reform Act to ensure that all pupils receive a broad and balanced education which is relevant to their needs. Website

National Strategy
Introduced by the Government in September 1998 to promote higher standards, primarily in English and Maths in Primary and then Secondary Schools. Later extended to cover a wider range of curriculum areas with the sole intention of raising standards.

National College of School Leadership. Website

The National Governors` Council - an organisation which provides a national voice for Governors and is based on local associations of governing bodies.

National Professional Qualification for Headship - a qualification for aspiring Headteachers which all new Headteachers should have gained or be working towards.

Newly Qualified Teacher. Link

New Relationship with Schools.

The National Union of Teachers. Website

Office for Standards in Education - the body, staffed by HMI, which arranges and sets standards for school inspectors. Website

Planned Admission Level - the number of children planned to be admitted to a school. Used as the basis for determining admission appeals.

Published Admission Number.