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Lead Lizard - Lead
Category: Agriculture and Industry > Lead and metals
Date & country: 04/08/2015, US
Words: 7

A/B split
A test situation in which a list is split in half, with every other recipient being sent one of two specific emails, to determine which email or landing page returns better results.

Above the Fold
The part of an email message or web page that is visible without scrolling.

Accelerator Tracks
A lead nurturing campaigns that attempt to move prospects through the buying cycle at a faster rate.

Acquisition Cost
The cost to generate one lead or customer in an individual campaign.

Active contacts
Reachable contacts who have had inbound activity during a set period of time.

The standard for distributing lead owners for follow-up processes.

Technical standards through which ISPs and other mail gateway administrators can establish the true identity of an email sender.