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Superglossary - Painting
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Date & country: 27/12/2013, US
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Abrasion Resistance
Resistance to being worn away by rubbing or friction; related more to toughness than to hardness. A

Academy Board
An economic board for oil-painting. It is made from several sheets of paper sized together. The face

Acid Free
Acid free refers to papers without acid (ph) in the pulp when manufactured. High acidity papers degr

Pigments dispersed with acrylic resin (synthetic resins made by polymerization of acrylic acid ester

The strength of a paint or sealant to remain attached to a surface.

A product feature that uses compressed gas to spray the product from its container.

An implement that resembles a thick fountain-pen and which has a small container near the nozzle. By

Airless Spray
A spray that increases the fluid pressure of paint by means of a pump that causes atomization with a

Alia Prima
A method by which a painting is usually completed in one sitting�painting in a direct manner.

These recently introduced colours act as an extension to oil-painting. They have a uniform speed of

Condition of paint film where surface is cracked and develops an appearance similar to alligator ski

Aluminum Paint
A paint that includes aluminum particles and gives a metallic finish when dried.

Analogous Colours
A grouping of related colours next to each other on the colour wheel. Example

Anti-Corrosive Paint
Metal paint designed to inhibit corrosion. Applied directly to metal.

Antique Finish
A finish usually applied to furniture or woodwork to give the appearance of age.

The French term for the process and product of painting in transparent watercolour.

Atmospheric Perspective
Suggesting perspective in a painting with changes in tone and colour between foreground and backgrou

Back Glass Painting
Painting pictures on the back of sheets of glass. With this manner the artist has to work his pictur

Back Primed
When a coat of paint is applied to the back of woodwork and exterior siding to prevent moisture from

Back Runs
When your fresh brush stroke hits a still damp wash it will force the original wash out in a irregul

The area of a painting farthest from the viewer. In a landscape this would include the sky and horiz

Often used as a lacquer dilutent. Highly volatile and a fire hazard in shipping and storing.

From the mid i7th century artists' pigments when mixed with oil were stored in small bladders. To us

The process of restoring discolored or stained wood to its normal color or making it lighter.

The formation of bubbles or pimples on the painted surface caused by moisture in the wood by paintin

The thickness or thinness of a liquid paint.

Body Color
The mixing of opaque white gouache with transparent watercolor; or gouache colors in general.

Mixing paint by pouring from one container to another several times to ensure thorough mixing.

Ability of paint to span small gaps or cracks through its cohesion and elastic qualities.

A brush with short-haired bristles.

The working part of a brush containing natural bristles (usually hog hair) or artificial bristles (n

Bristol Board
A stiff durable ply-produced cardboard suitable for pen and ink work or water-colour and gouache.

Broken Color
A color that is broken by another color.

Broken Colors
The unequal mixing of two complementary colors.

Brush Marks
Marks of brush that remain in the dried paint film.

A technique sometimes used to influence a large sale that consists of brushing out a sample of paint

The ability or ease with which paint can be brushed.

Air bubbles in a drying paint film caused by excessive brushing during application or by over vigoro

Thickness or depth of a paint film.

Burning In
Repairing a finish by melting stick shellac into the damaged places by using a heated knife blade or

An instrument to polish either a metal surface or other substance that will take it. It is either sh

Shiny areas on a painted surface achieved by rubbing or washing the surface.

Cabinet Pictures
An old-fashioned name for small easel paintings.

A water-thinned paint composed essentially of calcium carbonate or clay glue.

Camera Obscura
Another optical copying device which is much larger than the lucida. It relies on the principle that

Carpenters Pencil
A graphite pencil that features a flat ovoid wooden grip surrounding a wide graphite core capable of

A preparatory sketch or design that is then transferred to the final work surface.

A milk protein used as a binder for casein colours. It is prepared by drying the curd from sour milk

An Italian word for the marriage coffer. In the Renaissance period it was the fashion to have painte

Cast Shadow
The dark area that results when the source of light has been intercepted by an object.

An ingredient that speeds up a chemical reaction; sometimes used in two component paint systems.

The formation of a loose powder or the surface of paint after exposure to the elements.

Sticks of prepared calcium carbonate left white and either used as a drawing material on a dark-tint

A kind of paint failure in which many small cracks appear in the surface of the paint.

1) The rendering of light and shade in painting; the subtle gradations and marked variations of ligh

The purity or degree of saturation of a color; relative absence of white or gray in a color.

Established ideals of perfection.

Claude Glass
A small convex mirror that instead of being silvered was blackened at the back. The idea was that be

Clear Coating
A transparent protective and/or decorative film.

It implies that the adhesion of paint layers in a picture has failed.

The settling or drying of an emulsion paint as the water evaporates.

A layer of paint.

Attraction of molecules within a coating (how it holds together).

Cold Pressed
Watercolour paper that is Cold Pressed (CP) or 'Not' Pressed (NP) has mildly rough texture. It takes

A method of picture-making which incorporates a wide variety of materials and often a certain degree

Color Retention
The ability of paint to resist fading.

Concentrated color that can be added to paints to make a specific color.

Fade resistant.

Complimentary Colours
Red and green; blue and orange; yellow and purple... Colours that are opposite one another. When pla

The arrangement of elements of form and colour within an artwork.

Corrosion Inhibitor
Any material applied in order to prevent the rusting of metals.

The area over which a given amount of paint will spread and hide the previous surface. (Usually expr

The type of paint failure characterized by breaks in irregular lines wide enough to expose the under

Varnish defect in which poor adhesion of varnish to surface in some spots causes it to gather up in

A type of liquid coating made from coal tar that is used as a wood preservative. It should not be us

A pattern that appears on paint due to the inability of the paint to bond to the surface below.

Final conversion or drying or a coating material.

Any material used for removing oils or grease from a substrate.

The planned composition of a work of art.

Dry Brush
Any textured application of paint where your brush is fairly dry (thin or thick paint) and you rely

Dry Dust Free
That stage of drying when particles of dust that settle upon the surface do not stick to the paint f

Dry Tack Free
That stage of drying when the paint no longer feels sticky or tacky when lightly touched.

Dry To Handle
That stage of drying when a paint film has hardened sufficiently so the object or surface painted ma

Dry To Recoat
That stage of drying when the next coat can be applied.

Dry To Sand
That stage of drying when a paint film can be sanded without the sandpaper sticking or clogging.

A colored material used just to dye or change color with little or no hiding of the underlying surfa

In oil-painting it signifies the first underpainting. It should be low in oil content to enable subs

Ebony Pencil
A drawing pencil that features a thick core of graphite formulated to be very black and smooth. Capa

A needle that has had its point bevelled to an oval facet that can be used in etching and engraving.

An interior paint that has a silk-like appearance.

Eggshell Finish
The degree of gloss between a flat and gloss finish.

The ability of paint or sealant to expand and contract with the substrate without suffering damage o

Emulsion Paint
Paint in which particles are suspended in water or oil with the aid of an emulsifier as in latex pai

A colored varnish or high gloss paint that is dirt resistant. Often used in kitchens and bathrooms.

Clear finish having excellent adhesion qualities; extremely abrasion and chemical resistant. Epoxies

The wearing away of a paint film caused by exposure to the weather.

Surface preparation by chemical means to improve the adhesion of coating.

Inexpensive and inert pigment added to paint for bulk and to lower costs.

The outside surfaces of a structure.

Rich in oil content.