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Superglossary - College
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Date & country: 27/12/2013, USA
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Academic Advisor
A post-secondary counselor that provides guidance to students in designing an academic program and s

Academic Probation
If a student on academic warning fails to earn the minimum semester GPA for the credit hours earned

Academic Progress
All colleges require students to maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) to remain i

Academic Standing
A student's academic marks that determine whether they are meeting the standards prescribed for cont

Academic Suspension
If a student on academic probation fails to earn the minimum semester GPA for the credit hours earne

Academic Warning
A student whose semester grade point average (GPA) falls below the minimum described above will be p

Academic Year
The period of formal instruction at a postsecondary institution, usually September through June.

A status awarded by a professional body with an interest in maintaining standards for its members. F

These letters are acronyms for the American College Test and the Scholastic Aptitude Test. Both test

The period of time at the beginning of each term when schedules can be adjusted without penalty. The

Administrative Class Withdrawals
Instructors may administratively withdraw students with a grade of 'WA' when the student has missed

Your academic advisor will help you choose the correct courses, review the course requirements in th

The process by which a prospective student submits the required forms and credentials to his/her cho

A hands-on training process whereby students learn a skilled trade. Takes place over an agreed upon

Aptitude Test
A test designed to measure a person's ability to learn and the likelihood of his or her success in f

Admissions and Registration Center

the process of comparing the content of courses that are transferred between postsecondary instituti

A form of financial aid usually offered to graduate students which requires part-time services in te

Associate Degree
The Associate Degree is granted upon completion of a program of at least two, but less than four yea

Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
The Associate in Applied Science (AAS), or career degree, gives you technical skills for entry-level

A student who does not want to receive credit in a course may, with approval of the instructor, audi

Award Letter
The notification of financial aid award. The award letter lists the types and amounts of financial a

Latin term for a bachelor's degree.

Bachelors Degree
This is the undergraduate degree offered by four-year colleges and universities. The Bachelor of Art

College bookstores generally stock all the books and other materials required in all the courses off

Bridge Programs
Bridge Programs offer students an additional path for transferring to certain four-year colleges or

A financial award given to students, based mainly on need, although academic grades may also be cons

Business Office
The Business Office is responsible for all financial transactions of the college.

CampusCruiser is a unique Web-based campus community groupware designed specifically for educational

A job for which one is trained and in which it is possible to advance during one's working life.

Career Degree (AAS)
The Associate in Applied Science (AAS), or career degree, gives you technical skills for entry-level

College catalogs provide all types of information parents and students need to know about a school.

A document affirming or acknowledging one's completion of an educational course or program.

The person who acts as the administrative head of a department or unit at a university (e.g., the Ch

Clinical Education
Supervised, hands-on experience in a program related setting. Most commonly found in science and hea

Co-requisite Courses
Courses that are taken during the same semester. Most co-requisites are recommended; however, some m

An institution of higher learning granting diplomas and degrees. Also refers to divisions within a u

College and Career Academy
Greenville Tech's College and Career Academy serves the needs of students, Career Development Facili

College Catalogue
An official publication providing information about an institution's program offerings, curriculum,

Concurrent Programs
Two simultaneous programs being studied at the same time, resulting in two credentials; for example,

Conditional Acceptance-Admission
Acceptance letter offering a place in a university or college program to an academically qualified s

Continuing Education
Continuing education is education intended for adult learners, especially those beyond traditional u

COOP Education
Cooperative Education enhances the student's learning experience by integrating classroom lessons wi

Cooperative or Co-op Program
An education program that combines academic learning with practical work experience, through alterna

Core Course
A course addressing the main components of a program, generally as a requisite for graduation.

Cost of Attendance
A total amount of attending the college including tuition and fees, room and board, books, supplies,

Counselors assist with career exploration, personal development, academic challenges and short-term

Course Numbers
All courses are identified by numbers usually containing 3 digits, for example Freshman English migh

The number of courses taken or credits earned within a period of study (semester, term, quarter, etc

The media, either text, computer program, or CD-ROM that contains the instructional content of the c

A measure of academic progress granted for each course completed; most academic programs require stu

Credit Hours
Courses taken in college are usually measured in terms of credit hours. To earn one credit hour, a s

Current Student
A student currently enrolled this semester at Greenville Technical College

A curriculum is a program of courses approved for a particular degree or certificate. To earn a degr

The head of a division, faculty, college, or school of a university

Deans List
A category of students in a college or university who achieve high grades during their stay in an ac

An approved temporary postponement of acceptance to a university or college program, based on certai

A designation awarded upon completion of a four-year college or university program at one of three l

Degree Plan
A degree plan, curriculum or program plan, is a list of courses and requirements needed for a degree

Degree Requirements
Those requirements prescribed by institutions for completion of a program of study are generally ter

Degrees are rewards for the successful completion of a prescribed program of study. There are three

A department is the basic organizational unit in a higher education institution, and is responsible

Developmental Courses
Classes numbered below 100 level. These classes are not considered in determining a student's SAP st

A document bearing record of graduation from an educational institution.

Distance Education
An education program whereby students may complete all or part of the program in a geographical loca

A division could be several different things

Do Not Purge
The 'Do Not Purge' is a payment plan with a single payoff date. It is called the 'Do Not Purge' plan

Doctorate Degree
The highest university degree granted, usually after completion of a master's degree.

Double Major
Allows a student to specialize and concentrate on two main areas of study, instead of only one major

When you drop a course, there is no record on your transcript and there is no charge for the course.

Once a student is registered in classes for a semester, they may begin to drop and add courses accor

Early Admission
Acceptance into a postsecondary institution before completion of Secondary school or acceptance befo

Early Decision
A system in which applicants apply earlier than the posted deadline, and, if accepted, withdraw all

EFC (Expected Family Contribution)
A formula established by the U. S. Congress calculates the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) or wha

A course that it not requisitely required for a program but counts toward it, and can be chosen free

Credit courses of choice which may be taken for credit toward a degree or certificate in any curricu

This is the procedure by which students choose classes each semester. It also includes the assessmen

The undertaking of a business or enterprise with the chance of profit or loss. This is a common spec

Exchange (Program)
An agreement between institutions that permits students to move from one institution to another for

Expected Family Contribution
The amount of money a student and his or her family can contribute toward college costs. The student

Experiential Learning
Knowledge and skills gained from life experience for which credit may be awarded under certain circu

Permanent separation of the college and student.

Extra-Curricular Activities
These are non-classroom activities that can contribute to a well-rounded education. They can include

Twofold in meaning

(Free Application for Federal Student Aid) The form to apply for financial aid from the U.S. federal

Fees are additional charges not included in the tuition. Fees may be charged to cover the cost of ma

Field Placement
A period of related work experience during a program, usually as a block of time or on a weekly basi

Final Exams (Finals)
These exams are usually given during the last week of classes each semester. The type of final admin

Financial Aid
Financial Aid is made available from grants, scholarships, loans, South Carolina lottery tuition ass

Financial Aid Package
Refers to the grants, loans and work-study that students may receive to help them go to school.

Financial Need
The amount that a student's expected family contribution falls short of meeting his or her monetary

A men's student organization formed for social and/or philanthropic purposes found on many universit

Full Course
A course taken over two semesters as opposed to a Half Course (course taken over one semester).

Full-time student
A full-time student is defined as a student taking at least 60 per cent of a full course load.

Grade Point Average (GPA)
A student's grade point average is the equivalent of his or her average for curriculum course work.

A person who has been awarded an academic degree after successfully completing a degree or diploma p

Graduate Program
A program leading towards a master's or doctorate degree.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
A test many students must take as an admission requirement for graduate school in fields other than

Graduate Student
A student in a post-baccalaureate program, working towards a master's or doctorate degree.

A monetary award given to a student to help pay college expenses. Grants are usually not repaid by t