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Superglossary - Christmas
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Date & country: 27/12/2013, USA
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The coming (or second coming) of Jesus Christ; the month leading up to Christmas. Also in modern day

A spiritual being acting as a messenger of God (usually shown as a human being with wings).

A small round fruit, also used as a common Christmas decoration.

The small town in the Middle East believed to be the birthplace of Jesus Christ.

A cylinder of wax with a central wick (like string) which burns to produce light.

Carving The Bird
Cutting the meat and handing it out to people is called

Are commonly eaten at Christmas. There

A vertical pipe in a house that allows smoke and gases to escape from a fireplace (Santa Clause trad

The title of Jesus (also used as His name)

A person who believes in Christianity; also an adjective.

The religion based on the teachings and person of Jesus Christ.

The annual Christian festival celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ (Christmas Day is on December 25

Christmas Cake
A rich fruit cake covered with white icing, eaten at Christmas.

Christmas Card
A greetings card that people send to friends and family at Christmas. Also usually given with any gi

Christmas Carol
A religious song or popular hymn that people sing at Christmas

Christmas Carolers
Christmas songs and carolers are groups of people that walk down a street going from house to house

Christmas Dinner
A big dinner on Christmas day. Usually families gather together for Christmas dinner.

Christmas Eve
The evening of December 24, also called

Christmas Greetings
There are many greetings that people use at Christmas, but the most common are

Christmas Holidays
The holiday period for about a week before and after Christmas Day

Christmas Lights
Strings of lights used to decorate the Christmas tree. Many people also put up Christmas lights on h

Christmas Ornaments
Are ornaments used to decorate the tree and placed around the house.

Christmas Present
A gift or present given at Christmas

Christmas Shopping
There is so much shopping to be done at Christmas that people refer to it as their

Christmas Tree
An evergreen tree (often a spruce) that people decorate with lights and ornaments at Christmas. Pres

Christmas Wish List
A list of things that someone wants for Christmas. Usually children make a wish list. Some give it t

A decorated paper tube that makes a sharp noise (crack!) and releases a small toy when two people pu

Something serving to beautify; embellishment; ornament. Usually place on a Christmas Tree or around

A traditional Christmas drink made of beaten eggs, milk or cream, and sugar. Sometimes Eggnog is mad

Father Christmas
An imaginary being who brings presents for children on the night before Christmas Day (also known as

A partly enclosed space in a house where people light a fire for warmth. For Christmas time this is

A gum used for incense, one of the gifts that the three wise men gave to Jesus.

A wreath, chain, or string made to be worn for celebration or decoration. One made of flowers, leave

Gift Wrapped
When you

A yellow precious metal, one of the gifts that the three wise men gave to Jesus.

An evergreen plant with prickly dark green leaves and red berries.

The name of Christ, the central figure of Christianity (believed by Christians to be the Son of God)

The husband of Mary (the mother of Jesus)

Lawn Ornaments
Decorations placed on people

The wise men from the East who brought gifts for the baby Jesus

Historically, a small wooden trough that animals ate hay from. Jesus was put in a manger after he wa

The mother of Jesus. Often referred to as Mother Marry, or the Holy Mother.

A parasitic plant, species of which are found in Europe, Asia, and North America, having evergreen l

A gum used for perfume or incense, one of the gifts that the three wise men gave to Jesus.

The birth of a person.

Nativity Play
A play that people perform at Christmas based on the birth of Jesus.

Nativity Scene
Is a scene depicting Jesus

An object that adds beauty to something; a decoration

This plant is also commonly used to decorate at Christmas.

A thing given to somebody as a gift. These are usually placed under the tree to be opened on Christm

Santa rides in a sleigh that is pulled by reindeer. The most famous reindeer is Rudolph, the red-nos

Santa Claus
A large, plump man dressed in a big red suit, big black belt and carrying a sack full of gifts which

Santas Helpers
Elves, usually dressed in red or green.

A person who looks after sheep.

Sit On Santa Clauss Knee
It is a common tradition to go to a person dressed up as Santa Claus and tell him what you would lik

A light horse-drawn cart on runners that is used to carry people over snow and ice.

Water vapor from the sky that falls as white flakes and covers the ground.

A bright point in the night sky which is a large, distant incandescent body like the sun.


Swaddling Clothes
Narrow strips of cloth wrapped around an infant (Merriam-Webster On-line). Jesus was wrapped in swad

The First Christmas
Obviously, refers to the birth of Jesus over 2000 years ago.

The Holiday Season
The time running from just before Christmas until New Year

The Star Of Bethlehem
The star that announced the birth of Jesus and guided the wise men to find Him.

Trimming The Tree
Decorating the tree is called

White Christmas
A Christmas with snow on the ground.

A circular band, usu. Of flowers or foliage woven or twisted together, used as a symbol or decoratio

Write A Letter To Santa Claus
Many children write letters to Santa Claus telling him what they would like to get for Christmas.

Abbreviation or informal term for Christmas.