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Superglossary - Massage
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Date & country: 18/12/2013, USA
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Abhyanga, or oil massage, is an ayurvedic external treatment where one, two, or more therapists use

This combination of massage, yoga, and acrobatics was developed by Benjamin Marantz. The client is p

Acu-Yoga is a system of exercises integrating the knowledge of two holistic methods of health mainte

Acupressure is an ancient healing art that uses the fingers to press key points on the surface of th

Of abrupt onset, in reference to a disease. Acute often also connotes an illness that is of short du

Ai Chi (Flowing Aquatic Energy)
Ai chi is a water exercise and relaxation program, created by Jun Konno, to help aquatic practitione

This noncompetitive Japanese martial art aims to harmonize energy with that of a partner or opponent

Alchemical Synergy
Developed by Kamala Renner, Alchemical Synergy is a process of evolving universal energy patterns an

Alexander Technique
The Alexander Technique is movement education in which the student is taught to sit, stand, and move

A misguided reaction to foreign substances by the immune system , the body system of defense against

Allopathic Medicine
Known as conventional medicine, allopathy is a medical approach that seeks to cure by producing a co

Alternative Medicine
Practices used instead of standard medical treatments. Alternative medicine is distinct from complem

Amma (sometimes spelled anma) is the traditional word for massage in the Japanese language. It comes

The study of form. Gross anatomy involves structures that can be seen with the naked eye. It is as o

Animal Massage
Both pets and performance animals experience soft-tissue damage in their daily lives just as humans

Amma (sometimes spelled anma) is the traditional word for massage in the Japanese language. It comes

A feeling of apprehension and fear characterized by physical symptoms such as palpitations , sweatin

Applied Kinesiology
Kinesiology is the study of the principles of mechanics and anatomy related to human body movement,

Applied Kinesiology
Applied Kinesiology is a healing system that evaluates and treats an individual

Applied Physiology
A muscle monitoring technique, applied physiology allows the body to express what is out of balance

The use of essential oils (extracted from herbs, flowers, resin, woods, and roots) in body and skin

Art Therapy
Using the media of the arts (sculpture, painting, collage, etc.) To provide release of symbolic expr

Inflammation of a joint. When joints are inflamed they can develop stiffness, warmth, swelling, redn

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy
This barefoot massage technique uses deep compression effleurage strokes that glide over the body. G

Asian Body Work
Monitoring the flow of the vital life energy (known as chi, ki, prana) is at the heart of Asian body

Aston Patterning
Aston-Patterning is an educational process, developed by Judith Aston in 1977, combining movement co

Asymmetric Body Balancing
This is a combination of Paul St. John

Attunement is a non-touch (or light touch) approach to healing, employing spiritual techniques (pray

Ayurveda is the five thousand year-old medical system of India. It is also a philosophy that offers

Bach Flower Remedies
Developed by Edward Bach in the early 1900s, Bach Flower Remedies is a system of thirty-eight flower

Balinese Massage
Positioned above the client, the Balinese massage therapist performs a combination of kneading strok

Ancient use of waters to restore and revitalize the body is known as balneotherapy. It has been used

Barbara Brennan Healing Science
The Barbara Brennan Healing Science program focuses on clearing blocked energy and balancing the bod

Belavi Facelift Massage
A series of massage techniques using acupressure points, lymphatic drainage strokes, and facial mass

A combination of corrective stretches involving the fascia, cartilage, and joints, Berrywork was cre

This technique is based on the theory that any disruption or imbalance in any portion of the body af

This bodywork combines marine algae exfoliation, herbal treatment, and light massage.

Developed by Polish healer Mietek Wirkus, bioenergy is a form of energy healing. The therapist uses

Biofeedback utilizes a system of sensitive instruments that relay information about the physical con

Biogeometry is a design language of shape that balances energy fields. Vitality, emotions, and menta

Biomagnetic Touch Healing
Bio-magnetic touch healing is a light touch complementary healing method that employs the index and

Biosonic Repatterning
Developed by John Beaulieu, ND, phd, biosonic Repatterning is a natural method of healing and consci

Nerve impingement in cross-linked connective tissue is a major cause of chronic and sports-associate

The familiar red fluid in the body that contains white and red blood cells, platelets, proteins, and

Blood Clot
Blood that has been converted from a liquid to a solid state. Also called a thrombus.

Body Alignment
Nerve impingement in cross-linked connective tissue is a major cause of chronic and sports-associate

Body Imaging Enhancement
Based on a balance between body, mind, and feeling, body imaging enhancement proposes that anatomica

Body Logic
Developed by Yamuna Zake, this is a highly organized system of structural therapy/bodywork. This yog

Body Mind Centering
Movement re-education and hands-on re-patterning, utilizing movement, touch, voice and understanding

Body Rolling
Practiced on a six to ten inch ball, and following specific routines that imitate the logic of the n

Body-Mind Centering
Body-Mind Centering is a movement reeducation approach that explores how the body

Body-Oriented Psychotherapy
Body-oriented psychotherapy seeks to enhance the psychotherapeutic process by incorporating a range

Developed by chiropractor/acupuncturist Dr. John Veltheim, bodytalk is based on bio-energetic psycho

Any of a number of therapeutic or simply relaxing practices that involve the manipulation, massage,

Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy
A hands-on, drugless, noninvasive method of relieving muscle-related pain, Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy

Bowen Technique
Developed by Thomas Ambrose Bowen of Australia in the 1960s and 1970s, this hands-on, light-touch bo

That part of the central nervous system that is located within the cranium ( skull ). The brain func

Brain Gym
Created by Paul and Gail Dennison, Brain Gym (or Educational Kinesiology or Edu-K) is a sensorimotor

Breast Massage
This technique entails specific kneading, rubbing, and/or squeezing strokes applied to the soft tiss

Breath Therapy
Breath therapy, which can ease anxieties and reduce stress, is the use of respiratory exercises to o

The process of respiration, during which air is inhaled into the lungs through the mouth or nose due

Breema Bodywork
The Breema system places particular emphasis on the experience and comfort of the practitioner, teac

Breema Breathwork
This method uses stretching, rhythm and breathwork on a clothed client lying on a padded floor.

Budzek Medical Massage Therapy
Developed by Jeffrey Budzeky, RN, Budzek Medical Massage Therapy is designed to relieve acute and ch

An abnormal growth of cells which tend to proliferate in an uncontrolled way and, in some cases, to

Cathiodermi is a rejuvenating treatment for the skin that provides deep cleansing and oxygenation of

Chair Massage
Known as seated massage, chair massage, or on-site massage, this technique involves the use of a spe

Champissage is the modern Indian name for the ayurvedic method of head massage, stimulating the circ

Chi Nei Tsang
Tibetan abdominal massage combined with qigong exercises.

Chi Nei Tsang
Chi means energy and information, and nei tsang means viscera or internal organs. Chi nei tsang addr

Christopher Method
The Christopher Method Sound-Wave Energy Therapy was introduced in 1995 and is a non-touch therapy t

This important term in medicine comes from the Greek chronos, time and means lasting a long time.

Chronic Pain
Pain (an unpleasant sense of discomfort) that persists or progresses over a long period of time. In

Colon Hydrotherapy
A gentle infusion of warm water through the colon is used to cleanse trapped impurities, preventing

Color Therapy
An ancient system using specific color rays to treat the body and mind, color therapy is based on th

A system of holistic acu-light therapy developed by Peter Mandel, colorpuncture applies different fr

Connective Tissue
A material made up of fibers forming a framework and support structure for body tissues and organs.

Connective Tissue Massage
Also known as bindegewebsmassage, Connective Tissue Massage (CTM) techniques are designed to specifi

Conscious Bodywork
This form of neuromuscular reprogramming and therapy combines massage techniques with muscle testing

Founded by Emilie Conrad, continuum is a visionary inquiry into our capacity to innovate and partici

Conventional Medicine
Medicine as practiced by holders of M.D. (medical doctor) or D.O. (doctor of osteopathy) degrees and

Core Bodywork
A myofascial and structural therapy integrating four phases of treatment, including massage, myofasc

Core Energetics
Developed by John Pierrakos, core energetics is the unblocking and releasing of emotion in order to

Core Structural Integrative Therapy
Originated by George P. Kousaleos, CORE is a myofascial, postural, and structural somatic therapy co

Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, noninvasive method of evaluating and enhancing the function of a p

Craniosomatics is a paradigm for understanding relationships between the cranium and its sutures and

Also known as ice therapy, this modality uses the application of cold hydrotherapy in the form of ic

Crystledyne Therapy
Utilizing a self-activated crystal stimulator, which creates an electrical stimulus when two crystal

Dance-Movement Therapies
Dance/movement therapies focus on personal expression to enhance emotional and psychological healing

The area of the hara approximately two finger-widths below the navel is called the lower dantien (or

Deep Tissue
A technique that releases chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep fing

Deep Tissue Massage
Techniques that utilize deep-tissue/deep-muscle massage are administered to affect the sub-layer of

Deep Vein Thrombosis
A blood clot ( thrombus ) in a deep vein in the thigh or leg. The clot can break off as an embolus a

Deep-Tissue Massage
Utilizes various techniques to affect the deeper tissues of the body, such as fascia and other non-s

Degriefing is the process of recognizing the mental and physical pain that accompanies grief and tre

An illness that involves the body, mood, and thoughts, that affects the way a person eats and sleeps

A chronic inflammatory disease of skin and muscle which is associated with patches of slightly raise

Refers to diabetes mellitus or, less often, to diabetes insipidus . Diabetes mellitus and diabetes i

1 The nature of a disease ; the identification of an illness. 2 A conclusion or decision reached by

To stretch or enlarge. It comes from the Latin verb 'dilatare' meaning 'to enlarge or expand.'