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Superglossary - Liquor
Category: Food and Drink > Alcoholic beverages
Date & country: 11/12/2013, USA
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A pale green, anise flavored liqueur.

An apricot liqueur made in France.

Absinthe reached its peak of popularity and notoriety around the end of the nineteenth century and i

A high quality vodka of swedish manufacture, most commonly and appropriately taken unmixed. Now avai

Acerola Pulp
The pulp of the Barbados cherry, a variety of sub -tropical plants which grow in the Caribbean and T

A bottled egg nog mixture made with brandy and eggs that originated in the netherlands.

After Shock
A peppermint and cinnamon flavored liqueur

From Scandinavia, made from rye with an infusion of caraway

A beer similar to lager, but with more of a bitter taste

A passion fruit flavored liqueur

A ground spice made from an unripe berry with an aroma reminiscent of a cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg

An after-dinner liqueur with an almond flavor that is made in Italy from apricot kernels. The origin

Amaretto Di Saronno
Italian amaretto produced since 1525. Originally created by a widow as a gift to an artist of the Le

Amer Picon
A bitter French cordial, bitter, orange-flavored, made from quinine, spices, cinchona bark, oranges,

Andong Soju
Andong Soju is a distilled liquor made in Andong, South Korea. It is made from fermented rice (and w

Angostura Bitters
Made from a trinidadian secret recipe.

Licorice -flavored liqueur made from anise seeds

A sweet, clear, aniseed-flavored liqueur, the principle ingredient being aniseed.

An alcoholic drink taken before a meal or any of several wines or bitters.

Apple Brandy
Brandy made from Apples

Apple Pucker
An apple -flavored schnapps made by De Kuyper

Apricot Brandy
Apricot flavored brandy. 70 proof.

Apricot Liqueur
A cordial made from apricot pits

Scandanavian Vodka flavored with caraway, dill and other herbs and spices.

A type of brandy that has been distilled from wine made from grapes grown in the area surrounding th

The single best selling brand of rum or any other liquor in the United States. A light bodied rum, B

Bai Jiu
Bai jiu is a Chinese liquor. Bai means 'white' (or in this case

Baileys Irish Cream
A mocha flavored whiskey and double-cream liqueur, a combination of Irish whiskey, cream, coffee, ch

Banana Liqueur
A sweet liqueur made from bananas

An alcoholic beverage made from malted barley; flavored with hops after fermentation

The oldest and perhaps most famous liqueur in the world, Benedictine dates from 1510. Its formula, w

A highly concentrated flavoring agent made from roots, barks, herbs, and/or berries. Bitters are rep

Black Raspberry Liqueur
A black raspberry flavored liqueur. 33 proof.

Blackberry Brandy
Blackberry flavored brandy. 70 proof.

Blended Whiskey
Blended whiskey came into prominence in the United States during world war II, when distillers made

Bloody Mary Mix
Add a 46 oz. Can tomato juice to '/2 can V-8

Blue Curacao
A liqueur made from white Curacao and blue coloring

Bols Blue Curacao
Blue colored Dutch West Indian Curacao orange liqueur. Produced under the supervision of the directo

Bols Strawberry Liqueur
A superb strawberry liqueur produced under the supervision ot the directors of the Royal Distillerie

A Czechoslovakian juniper brandy similar to gin.

Botlled-In-Bond Whiskey
At least a 100 proof straight bourbon whiskey that has aged tour or more years in a bonded warehouse

Bouillon Mix
Beef bouillon with about 7 drops of Tabasco* sauce and a 7 count of Worcestershire* with 1 teaspoon

An American whiskey distilled from a fermented mash of grain that is at least 51% corn. Bourbon is a

Bourbon Whiskey
American whiskey made by using at least 51% corn grain mash in a wheat, oats, rye, and barley combin

Brandy is distilled from a fermented mash of grapes or other fruit and the aged in white oak casks a

Drink made with an ounce or so of liquor and lemon juice plus ginger ale, and topped with a twist of

A wine named after the region in France where it was first produced.

A type of red wine, high in tannin and medium to full bodied with a distinctive flavor of black curr

Caloric Punch
A Scandanavian liqueur made from batavia, arak, tea, lemon peel and 70 other spices. Also called cal

A highly popular Italian patent apertif. Usually served on the rocks with soda, Campari is very dry

Canadian Club
A high quality, highly popular brand of Canadian whiskey.

Canadian Whiskey
Like American whiskeys, Canadian whiskey is made primarily from corn, rye, and malted barley, and is

A coffee with frothy milk on top, sprinkled with cinnamon and grated chocolate

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
A Puerto Rican rum made with spice and natural flavorings. 80 proof.

A french liqueur made from small black raspberries

A French liqueur made from small strawberries

A sparkling white wine named after a region just east of Pans, France where it was first produced.

A famous herbal French liqueur still produced by the Carthusian monks in France from a formula datin

A mixer that is tossed down the throat after one has drunk a straight shot of whiskey or other spiri

A Swiss liqueur that tastes like chocolate covered cherries.

Cherry Brandy
Cherry flavored brandy. 70 proof.

Cherry Marnier
A French cherry liqueur with a hint of almond

An alcoholic drink made from the fermentation of apple juice

Clamato Juice
A clam juice based, Bloody Mary type mix used in making Bloody Caesars. Non-Alcoholic.

Club Soda
Salted water or water with other aditives often added to many mix drinks.

A tall summer style drink that consists of ice, wine or liqueur, and a considerable variety of fruit

Coco Lopez
A sweet, syrupy, coconut based drink mixer. Non Alcoholic.

Coco Ribe
A Virgin Island's coconut and rum flavored liqueur. 42 proof.

Coffee Liqueur
Coffee flavored liqueur. 53 proof.

A type of brandy that is produced only in the Cognac region of western France and is universally rec

A fine, colorless, orange-flavored liqueur made from the dried skins of Cura

Tall, cool punch-like drinks. Any basic liquor with lime or lemon juice, over ice cubes in a frosted

Cons Whiskey
A whiskey made from a mash of at least 80% corn. May or may not be aged.

A low alcohol drink consisting of either white or red wine mixed with either 7-UP, ginger-ale, club

Sweetened spirits distilled from fruits, seeds, herbs and peels; also known as liqueurs

Cream Of Coconut
A coconut syrup used in many exotic drinks, especially Pina Coladas

Creme De Cassis
A dark, medium-sweet liqueur flavored with black currants.

Creme De Cocoa
A rich, chocolate-flavored liqueur, made from cacao and vanilla beans, quite sweet and syrupy, avail

Creme De Framboise
Raspberry-flavoured liqueur

Creme De Grand Marnier
A French liqueur made with fresh sweet cream and Grand Marnier 80 proof.

Creme De Menthe
A red, green, or white colored, peppermint flavored liqueur. 50 proof.

Creme De Noyaux
A liqueur made from fruit pits that possesses a bitter almond taste.

Creme Liqueurs
A group of liqueurs with a high sugar content with a consistency of cream

Creme Violette
Violet-flavoured liqueur

Creme Yvette
A very sweet, violet-flavored liqueur, made in the United States by Jacquin.

Crown Royal
A smooth blend of premium Canadian whiskeys. 80 proof.

Cuarente Y Tres
A brandy based liquor from Spain containing 43 ingredients and a hint of vanilla. Also known as Lico

Cuervo 1800 Tequila
An excellent gold tequila. 80 proof.

Orange-flavoured liqueur, produced mainly in France and the Netherlands, but originating from the Ca

A delicious liqueur based on ripe bananas and exotic fruits.

Dalmore is a refined malt whisky from the scotish highlands a very fine blend

Damiana Liqueur is a light herb based liqueur from Mexico. It's made with the damiana herb that grow

Del Maguey
Del Maguey is renowned for being the best Mezcal in the world

Brand of blended Scotch whisky, was founded by John Dewar, Senior. In 1846

Don Amado
Made from 100% Agave plants that have been smoked, steamed, naturally fermented, and twice-distilled

Don Camilo
Don Camilo 100% de Agave Reposado has been aged for just less than a year in new white oak barrels.

Dong Dong Ju
Dong dong ju is a Korean rice wine. I don't know how it is made, but I'm sure it isn't distilled.

A term applied to any form of wine or liqueur to denote a lack of sweetness. 'Dry' champagne is, how

Dry Vermouth
A French made, herb flavored wine. Used in making drinks such as the Martini and Perfect Manhattan.

A French brand of apertif wine made from aromatics.