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Merkley Supply - Building Supplies
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Adhesives are substances that allow two or more surfaces to be bonded or stuck to one another. Common adhesives include tapes, sprays, glues, and pastes. Merkley Supply carries epoxy adhesives for use with insulation, concrete, wood flooring, brick, tile and stone.

Air Barrier
Air barriers are protective, air-resistant materials applied in conjunction with a building component (such as a wall, ceiling or sill plate) to prevent the movement of air through that component. Merkley Supply carries a variety of air barrier products to help reduce uncontrolled movement of air through homes and commercial buildings.

Alba Stone Products is a Quebec-based company that manufactures and sells calcite bricks, blocks and stones. Merkley Supply offers Alba bricks for residential and commercial use.

Angle Iron
An angle iron is a length of steel or iron bent at a right angle along its long dimension and used as a support or structural framework. Merkley Supply carries angle irons for use in masonry projects.

Arriscraft International is a Cambridge-based producer of building stone, brick and limestone for residential, architectural and commercial use. Merkley Supply carries Arriscraft brick and stone products for use in exterior projects such as exterior cladding for houses as well as for interior uses such as fireplaces and feature walls.

Asphalt Sealer
Asphalt sealers provide a water and weather resistant coating to asphalt surfaces such as driveways and walkways. Merkley Supply carries asphalt sealer products to protect asphalt installations.

Bakor is a Scarborough-based manufacturer of air barrier, waterproofing and roofing systems and solutions. Merkley Supply carries Bakor air barrier, adhesive, and waterproofing systems for residential and commercial use.

The Belden Brick Company is an Ohio-based brick manufacturer offering chemically resistant, face and paving brick for exterior use. Merkley Supply carries Belden brick products suitable for exterior home cladding, steps, walkways and walls.


Building Stone
Building stone is a term to describe masonry products that are suitable for building structures such as building foundations and walls

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Caulking is a flexible material used to seal exterior cracks and openings commonly found around windows or foundations. Merkley Supply carries caulking products to prevent water and air leakage in residential and commercial construction projects.

Cement is a powdered substance made of lime and clay that is mixed with water and sand to make mortar (an adhesive) or with water, sand and gravel to make concrete. Merkley Supply carries ready-mix cement and concrete block products for residential and commercial building projects.

Concrete is an artificial stone-like building material composed of sand, gravel, cement and water. Merkley Supply carries concrete blocks and concrete fibre for residential and commercial building projects.

Concrete Fibre
Concrete fibers provide secondary reinforcement in concrete and prevent concrete drying, shrinkage and cracking. Merkely Supply carries concrete fibre forms.

Concrete Form Hardware
Concrete form hardware includes the ties, bolts and holders used to connect and hold modular concrete forms and panels. Merkley Supply carries a variety of concrete form hardware materials.

Concrete Repair Mortars
Concrete Repair Mortars are cement-like substances that can be applied by trowel or low pressure wet spray processes to repair or restore concrete. Merkley Supply carriers concrete repair mortars for patch repairs on surfaces such as concrete floors, steps walls or columns.

Concrete Sealers
Concrete sealers prevent water and dirt from seeping into concrete by making the concrete less porous. Merkely Supply carries concrete sealers to extend the life of residential and commercial concrete projects.

Construction Grouts
Construction grouts are industrial-strength grouts that neither shrink nor corrode and are used to secure structural building elements such as bolts, bars, beams and columns. Merkley Supply carries construction grouts for use in projects requiring strong, non-corrosive grouting work.

Cultured Stone
Cultured Stone

The Dow Chemical Company provides insulation products to customers in 175 countries. Merkley Supply carries Dow's extruded polystyrene insulation products for use in residential and commercial buildings to reduce heat transfer through building walls and roofs.

Drainage Tubing
Drainage tubes are long, plastic tubes used to control the quantity and quality of water found within an area's surface or subsurface. They are commonly used to drain foundations, golf courses or farmland and can range from a few feet to thousands of feet in length. Merkley Supply carries drainage tubing for construction project-.

Envirobond produces bonding products that serve as an environmental friendly alternative to traditional jointing and sealing products. Its natural crushed stone and sand blends use an organic binder that can be used to fill paver joints and seal stone pathways.

Epoxy Adhesives
Epoxy adhesives are two part adhesives used to bond materials such as wood, metal, or composite materials. Merkley Supply carries epoxy adhesives of various strengths, setting times and elasticities.

Expansion Joint
Expansion joints are coal-based (bituminous) fiber strips that are inserted between concrete blocks, bricks or concrete paving to prevent concrete from cracking during temperature changes. The joints allow for small expansion and contraction movements to occur without causing damage to the concrete. Merkley Supply carries expansion joints for masonry and construction projects.

A fastener is a mechanical device that joins or affixes two or more objects together. Merkley Supply carries fasteners used in most masonry, building, and flooring projects.

Flue Liners
Flue liners are fire resistant materials that line the space of passage in a chimney or pipe through which smoke, gas or fumes ascend. Flue liners are generally made of clay, terra-cotta pipe, or stainless steel and may be round or square. Merkley Supply carries flue liners to protect chimneys and extend chimney life.

Form Hardware
Form hardware refers to the ties, clips, hooks, brackets, pins and clamps used to secure brick, concrete or lumber forms to a building's scaffolding. Merkley Supply carries a variety of form hardware for residential and commercial building projects.

Glass Block
Glass block is a decorative, hollow, building block made of glass and generally used to form a semi-translucent window or wall. Glass block windows and walls are made up of many small cubes of glass attached to one another. Merkley Supply carries glass blocks and related products for interior projects such as showers or non-load bearing walls.

Glass Block Prefab Panels
Glass block can be pre-fabricated and pre-assembled by a manufacturer to suit a project's exact dimensions and specifications. Merkley Supply carries prefabricated glass block panels to reduce glass block installation time at residential and commercial project sites.

Hanson Brick
Hanson Brick is North America's largest brick manufacturer, carrying more than 1,000 styles of brick. Merkley Supply carries Hanson Brick products for use in residential and architectural projects including exterior building cladding, patios, walkways and walls as well as interior brick fireplaces.

Holcim is a producer and supplier of products and services to the construction industry, such as cement, concrete, and aggregates. Merkley Supply carries St. Lawrence Cement pre-mix concrete for commercial or residential projects.

in-lite is a Dutch company that produces outdoor lighting products commonly used to illuminate walkways, gardens, patios, balconies and landscaping projects. Offering integrated, above-ground, wall-mounted and spot lighting, in-lite provides a range of low-voltage lighting products for outdoor use.

Insulation is material used in the walls and roof of a building in order to reduce heat transfer through building walls. Insulation is commonly made of materials such as fiberglass, rock wool, urethane foam, polystyrene, cellulose and vermiculite and can come in different forms including blanket, batt, rigid, fill, reflective, made of glass wool, cotton or wood fiber. Merkley Supply carries insulation products for residential and commercial building projects.

Insulation Adhesives
Insulation adhesives are materials used to adhere insulation to a surface such as a wall or roof. These adhesives can come in varying forms including tapes, foams and sprays. Merkley Supply carries insulation adhesives for use in residential and commercial insulation projects.

Landscape Products
Landscape products include paving stone, natural stone, and manufactured stone products used for exterior projects such as walkways, driveways, patios, steps and walls. Merkley Supply carries a variety of landscape products including stone pavers, stone tiles and natural stone products for exterior landscaping.

Marble Slabs
Marble is metamorphosed limestone composed of calcite, and is often swirled or clouded with colour. Merkley Supply carries marble slabs for use as a decorative building material for internal or external residential and commercial projects such as floors or counter-tops.

MarTex Industries
MarTex Industries is a manufacturer of specialty coatings such as sealants and no-skid surfaces for concrete and stone. Merkley Supply carries MarTex Industries products.

Masonry Reinforcing
Masonry reinforcing products include ties and anchors used to tie masonry walls to steel, concrete, brick or other masonry products. Merkley Supply carries a variety of masonry reinforcing products for commercial and residential building projects.

Mortar Colours
Mortar colours are finely ground iron oxide pigments manufactured for use as a coloring medium in mortar. Merkley Supply carries mortar colours for use in adding colour to brick mortar or stucco to match, compliment, or contrast brick, block, or stone.

Material Safety Data Sheets are printed literature provided (by law) by manufacturers of goods that constitute or contain hazardous materials. MSDS provide detailed hazard and precautionary information for the goods in question. MSDS information is available from Merkley Supply upon request.

No Skidding
No Skidding Products Inc. is a Toronto-based company that manufactures and distributes slip-resistant products that increase floor friction to prevent falls and injuries. Merkley Supply carries No Skidding

Patio Slabs
Patio slabs are pre-assembled slabs of stone, concrete or brick that can be laid down to form outdoor patios. Merkley Supply carries patio slabs for exterior projects for commercial or residential use.

Permacon is a Canadian producer of concrete products including pavers, walls, slabs, edgers, brick, stone and blocks. Merkley Supply carries Permacon products for exterior landscaping projects such as patios, walkways, walls and steps.

Pittsburgh Corning
Pittsburgh Corning is a U.S.-based supplier of building materials including glass block products and cellular glass insulation products. Merkley Supply carries Pittsburgh Corning glass block products for commercial and residential building projects.

Polyethylene Film
Polyethylene film is used as a protective film for bundling building materials. Merkley Supply carries polyethylene film for use as air barriers and to wrap and bundle products.

Realstone is the manufacturer of thin stone veneers made from natural stone and sold in lightweight panels that make installation fast and easy. Merkley Supply carries Realstone products suitable for both interior and exterior projects.

Repair Mortars
Repair Mortars are patching materials used to make structural repairs to any concrete, masonry or stucco surface. Repair mortars are normally powdery substances mixed with water that harden after being applied to a surface. Merkley Supply carries repair mortars for masonry projects.

Sealers and Sealants
Sealants and sealers are used to protect concrete and masonry surfaces from dirt, oil and chemicals and form a clear or glossy seal over the surface. Merkley Supply carries sealers and sealants of all types to protect, seal and beautify concrete and masonry projects.

Sheathing Tape
Sheathing tape is strong red polypropylene tape used over exterior gypsum or cement-based sheathing as a flexible, water-resistant sealer. Sheathing refers to materials placed over exterior studding or rafters of a structure, and sheathing tape is applied over the sheathing to provide a continuous air and water barrier. Merkley Supply carries sheathing tape to help protect a building's sheathing from air and water damage.

Sika Canada
Sika Canada produces concrete admixtures, specialty mortars, epoxies, structural strengthening systems, industrial flooring, sealants, adhesives, specialty acoustic and reinforcing materials for construction and industrial customers. Merkley Supply carries Sika Canada products.

Silica Sand
Silica sand is a high-purity sand often used in the preparation of concrete. Merkley Supply carries silica sand for concrete projects.

Slate is a fine-grained metamorphic rock that can be split into thin, smooth layers or sheets. Merkley Supply carries slate for interior and exterior applications such as patios, walkways, pool decks, shower stalls, flooring, hearths, mantles and table tops.

Snow fencing
Snow fences are used to control drifting snow during winter months. Normally made of plastic or wooden pickets and galvanized type wire. Merkley Supply carries snow fencing to help prevent drifting snow near construction projects.

Stone siding
Also called stone veneers, stone siding products are applied to exterior building walls to give the appearance of a solid stone or brick wall. Merkley Supply carries a variety of products that can be used for stone siding.


A fine plaster or cement used as a coating for walls or for decoration. Merkley Supply carries stucco repair products, such as silica and bonding agents.

W.R. Meadows
W.R. Meadows is a US-based supplier of concrete, masonry sealers and joint fillers. Merkley Supply carries W.R. Meadows products for commercial and residential use.