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AGCO - Glossary of computer terms
Category: Technical and IT
Date & country: 27/04/2012, USA
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Analysis Lab
A module in SGIS to allow the user to ask questions of the information pertaining to a particular field. Using an algebraic equation to obtain particular information for better management decisions.

Analysis Lab equations
This is the algebraic formula that asks the questions of the data within SGIS.

ArcView is a component of the ESRI suite of GIS products.

ArcView GIS platform
SGIS is a program that is built with ArcView as its base/platform. SGIS uses ArcView

ArcView GIS program
ArcView is the GIS program that enables a user to use data gathered with a specified latitude and longitude.

As Applied Data / Information
Data that is collected from the product controller in the field and shows what product(s), where and when they were applied.

Baud rate
A measure of the speed of data transmission.

Bit (Binary digit)
The smallest unit of information into which digital data can be subdivided and that a computer can hold.

A generic term to describe the physical connection between a set of electronic components.

A set of consecutive bits that makes up a single item of information. A byte usually comprises a series of 8 bits and represents one character.

Controller Area Network.

CAN Bus (Controller Area Network)
The FIELDSTAR system uses a CAN Bus system.

Differential GPS (DGPS) is used to correct a GPS signal to achieve higher position accuracy.

Digital soils maps
Soil type information in a form that can be used within the SGIS program.

DIN 9684
DIN 9684 lays down a standard that enables equipment from various manufacturers to talk the same electronic

Electronic Control Module, also known as

Electronic Control Unit.

Environment Protection Agency

ESRI has been a supplier of Geographic Information System (GIS) software for 34 years. ESRI provides many levels of software for the many levels of user expertise.

A method or technique that extends data from a known location to another position for which the values are not known.

A sub-processing program within SGIS to enable the user to process on activity and start on the next activity.

Filtering of data -

Farm Management Information System.

Field Operation Device Driver.

Field Operation Device Manager

A code that provides a description of the location of data, such as longitude or latitude coordinates.

Georeference system
A coordinate system keeping track of specific points on the Earth

GIS (Geographic Information System)
GIS is a set of software tools that is used to input, store, manipulate, analyse and display geographical information.

Geographic Information System-based

GPS (Global Positioning System)
The GPS is a constellation of 24 radio navigation satellites that transmit signals used by GPS receivers to determine location (position, velocity and time) to an acurracy to within about 10m.

Grid sampling
The act of sampling, by

GTA Console
An AGCO technology machine console (virtual terminal) capable of controlling and reading machine and implement functions operating on the ISO-BUS 11783 standard.

A technique for obtaining statistically unbiased estimates of position variation of known points such as yield measurements. Interpolation refers these various locations to a set of known control points.

International Organization for Standardization.

The LBS system is a CAN Bus protocol specially adapted for use in agricultural engineering.

GIS program using a *.tab file format.

Mapping Centre Identification.

Microsoft Access
The Microsoft database data management program.

Microsoft Structured Query Language

Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium (Primary fertilizer components).

Nutrient difference maps
The difference between the nutrient levels from one soil sample to a subsequent soil sample.

Software Company generally associated with database information systems and the internet.

Prescription Lab
The module in SGIS that crop recommendations are made and maps are created for application.

Each GPS satellite generates its own distinctive PRN code, which is modulated onto each carrier. The PRN code identifies the satellite, as a timing signal, and as a sub carrier for the navigation data.

Production management zones
Creating an area in a field that has similar characteristics or capabilities for specific management practices.

Profit Analysis Calculator
The tool within SGIS to determine the potential added profitability of a site specific fertilizer program over a conventional fertilizer program.

A tool to convert application files in a *.shp file format to the Falcon *.tif format.

Relational Database Technology
A collection of several data tables linked by a common index.

RS 232
RS 232 is a serial communication standard for digital data that specifies a number of signal control lines. RS 232 is often associated with a 25-pin connector called DB-25.

Sampling Summaries
A summary of soil sampling activities from a given field, farm, grower or service provider.

Serial communication
A system of sending bits of data on a single channel one after the other, rather than simultaneously.

Soil Geographic Information System.

Shape files (*.shp file extension)
A file format that is used by ArcView Geographic Information Systems (GIS) programs to use and transfer information.

Spread Map Summaries
A summary of the spread maps that have been created in SGIS.

Sub-processing program
A program within the main SGIS program to streamline the workflow.

Task Controller.

Tractor Electronic Control Unit.

Temporary variables
A variable created within an equation to make writing the equation easier.

Tractor Management Centre.

VRT (Variable Rate Technology)
An implement that is capable of varying a product according to a pre-defined application plan.

Virtual Terminal.

WGS 84
see Georeference System

WGS84 lat/lon
The GPS projection that SGIS and Falcon require to operate properly.

XML documents
Documents including word processor-type files as well as other file types that include vector graphics, e-commerce transactions, mathematical equations, object meta-data, server APIs, and a thousand other kinds of structured information.