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Perfect Smile Spa - Glossary of orthodontics
Category: Health and Medicine > Orthodontics
Date & country: 27/04/2011, UK
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another term for Orthodontics

Braces Dentist
the term is interchangeable with Orthodontist.

Clear Braces
a term used for Cosmetic Braces

Fixed Braces
a term used for Braces that are fixed to the teeth.

Invisalign Braces
a Clear Brace.

Orthodontic Care Nurse
The term used to describe a highly trained dental nurse who assists the Orthodontist.

Orthodontic Clinic
a clinic which offers in Orthodontic treatments is referred to as an Orthodontic clinic. The term is often used interchangeably with Orthodontic dental clinic.

Orthodontic Dental Clinic
a clinic which specialises in providing Orthodontic treatments or Braces is known as an Orthodontic dental clinic. There are a number of private orthodontic dental clinics in London where Orthodontists perform orthodontic dental treatment or Braces.

Orthodontic dental Finance Packages
reputable private Orthodontic dental clinics generally offer help with finance plans so that their patients can manage the costs of their treatment by paying for their Dentistry in installments rather than as a single payment. Good cosmetic dental finance companies offer loans for private Orthodontics at low interest rates.

Orthodontic Dental Practice
a term interchangeable with Orthodontic dental clinic.

Orthodontic dental procedure
a term used to describe an Orthodontic or Braces procedure performed by an Orthodontist.

Orthodontic Dental Surgery
a term interchangeable with Orthodontic dental clinic or Orthodontic dental practice.

Orthodontic Dental treatment
A term interchangeable with Orthodontic dental procedure.

a term used to describe a dentist who specialises in Orthodontics or braces is known as an Orthodontist. All Orthodontists that are officially certified in the UK are registered in the General Dental Council and have further knowledge in Orthodontics.

Orthodontist Essex
a term interchangeable with Orthodontist London but one who performs Orthodontics in Essex.

Orthodontist London
a term interchangeable with orthodontist or Braces dentist who performs Orthodontics or Braces treatment in or around London.

Removable Braces
are braces that can be removed from the mouth.