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MPS - Medical terms
Category: Health and Medicine
Date & country: 25/03/2011, US
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Audit Committee
A sub-committee of MPS

Claims Advisory Committee
A committee of clinicians with delegated authority to act on behalf of and in the name of Council in considering and taking decisions upon claims for compensation. It comprises clinical members of MPS

Dental Claims Manager (DCM)
File handler for claims from Claims and Legal department.

Dentolegal Adviser.

Dental Protection Limited.

In-benefit check
This is a check carried out by the membership department on every member who applies to MPS for assistance. Membership use an interface database to pass membership grade and subscription details to the case handler via CAD.

Letter before action
The first letter from a prospective Claimant's solicitor to a prospective defendant alleging negligence and confirming that damages are being sought.

Litigant in person
An individual who takes action against another individual or organisation in his/her own right rather than using a solicitor.

Medicolegal Consultant (MLC)
MPS has a number of MLCs both in the UK and overseas who are not directly employed but contracted to MPS to provide services in these areas.

Membership Governance
Membership Governance is a department within the medical division of MPS. It identifies individual members who pose an unacceptably high level of risk to MPS. Membership Governance will try and help that member reduce their risk whenever possible.

Memo and Arts
Memorandum and Articles of Association sets out the purpose of MPS and the rules by which it is governed.

Medicolegal Adviser.

MPI (London)
A subsidiary company of MPS established to administer and monitor the investments of MPS. Its role involves recommending investment strategies to MPS Council and monitoring the execution of those strategies and the effectiveness of the investment managers.

MPS Risk Solutions (MPSrs)
MPS Risk Solutions Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of MPS) is an insurance company authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. MPSrs has been created with the specific intention of addressing the corporate malpractice insurance needs of doctors and other health professionals in business.

Retired/deferred member
A member who has ceased practising either permanently or temporarily.

Standard/burden of proof
Standard of proof in criminal matters which has to be attained to obtain a conviction is that of