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LSHTM - Ocular terms
Category: Health and Medicine > Occular terms
Date & country: 28/02/2011, UK
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Clinical trial
A medical experiment used to decide if a potential new treatment for disease is safe and effective.

Temporarily enlarge the pupil with special eye drops to allow an eye care specialist to better view the inside of the eye.

Small yellow or white deposits in the macula that occur in macular degeneration.

Fluorescein angiography
A medical test that makes blood vessels in the retina visible by injecting a special dye-like material into the bloodstream.

Laser treatment
A method for treating diseased tissue that uses a special beam of light produced by a laser. Photodynamic therapy uses both laser treatment and an injected dye (see below).

A small central area of the retina responsible for the sharp, clear vision needed to look directly at an object.

The ability to see close objects more clearly than distant objects (sometimes called 'nearsightedness').

The growth of new blood vessels in the central area of the retina.

Peripheral vision
The ability to see objects and movements with side vision, outside the direct line of sight.

Photodynamic therapy (PDT)
A treatment of wet AMD that involves injections of a special drug that becomes active and destroys abnormal eye blood vessels when exposed to special laser light.

The adjustable opening at the front of the eye (the black 'hole' in the iris) that expands and contracts to regulate the amount of light entering the eye.

The light-sensitive lining at the back of the eye that converts light rays into electrical signals relayed to the brain.

Retinal detachment
A serious disorder that occurs when part of the retina becomes separated from the back of the eyeball.

Visual field
The entire area that can be seen by the eye, including front and side, or peripheral, vision.