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Dayton Daily News - Article containing skateboard glossary
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Date & country: 17/11/2010, US
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When skateboard and skater leave the ground/ramp without ollieing.

An elevated surface. A common urban form of ramp.

Traveling backward.

Snapping the deck into two pieces. It was once fashionable to do this when you became frustrated; said to be conjured up by a part of the industry that wanted people to buy more boards by making people think it was cool to focus the board you where riding.

Usually the highlight of an artificial street course. A platform object with banked sides plus handrail, if you're lucky.

You skate goofy if you skate with your right foot forward. The opposite of regular.

Sliding along the edge or on top of an object with the axles of both trucks. Variations include 50-50, 5-0, nose, crooked, smith, feeble and slappy.

Invented on ramps by Ollie Gelfand and brought to the streets by Rodney Mullen. An air without using your hands. The basis for most skateboarding tricks.

A shoveit mixed with an ollie. Enables shoveits to be performed higher.

Turning the board without turning your body, so the board spins round under your feet.

Another word for falling off your board and hurting yourself.

Doing grinds along such things as curbs without ollieing onto it.

Most commonly used terrain of skateboarding, this has lead to the banning of skateboarding in certain areas.

Part of a bank/ramp that inclines in an upward direction.

Part of an inclined surface that is vertical in gradient.