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Glasgow sculpture index - Index of glasgow sculpture
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Date & country: 16/11/2010, SCO
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Words made up from the initial letters of other words.

Vergil's epic poem on the glorious past of Rome.

From about 1855 Baroque was the accepted term for 17th century art and design. The style is characterized by exuberance and extravagence.

A sculptured female figure used in place of a column or pillar.

Generic term for all types of porcelain and pottery.

cire perdue
Lost wax: a bronze-casting technique of filling the space between the core and the mould after the core's wax coating has been melted away.

A hanging light formed from one or more (metal) hoops to which lamps or candles are attached.

Of a particular style.

Plaster of Paris or gypsum prepared for use in painting or sculpture.

The leaves of the bay-tree used as a symbol of victory.

The Maidan is a large public park situated in the very heart of Calcutta.

New Sculpture Movement
From about 1875 the style of British sculpture changed to one of more naturalistic modelling.

An S-shaped moulding.

A sculpted or moulded design which stands out from a flat surface.

Decoration on metal that has been hammered from the reverse side so that the design is pushed through in relief.

Painting or carving on three (hinged) panels.