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Pharmac - Health ters
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Date & country: 09/11/2010, NZ
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Access Exemption Criteria
The criteria under which patients may receive greater than one month`s supply of a pharmaceutical subsidised in one Lot. The specifics of these criteria are conveyed in Ministry of Health guidelines, which are issued from time to time.

The New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000.

A person who is entitled to receive a payment from the Crown or a DHB under a notice issued by the Crown or a DHB under section 88 of the Act or under a contract with the Ministry of Health or a DHB for the supply of Pharmaceuticals.

Controlled Drug
A controlled drug within the meaning of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975 (other than a controlled drug specified in Part VI of the Third Schedule to that Act).

An organisation established as a District Health Board by or under section 19 of the Act.

Unless otherwise specified, endorsements should be either handwritten or computer generated by the doctor prescribing the medication. The endorsement can be written as `certified condition”, or state the condition of the patient, where that condition is specified for the pharmaceutical in Section B of the Pharmaceutical Schedule. Where the doctor writes `certified condition” as the endorsement, he...

The body or bodies responsible for the funding of pharmaceuticals listed on the Schedule (which may be one or more DHBs and/or the Ministry of Health) and their successors.

Hospital Pharmacy
The Pharmaceutical is not eligible for Subsidy unless it is supplied by a hospital or pharmacy contracted to the Funder to dispense as a hospital pharmacy to an Outpatient on the Prescription of a Doctor.

Hospital Pharmacy-Specialist
The Pharmaceutical is not eligible for Subsidy unless it is supplied by a hospital or pharmacy contracted to the Funder to dispense as a hospital pharmacy.

In Combination
The Pharmaceutical is only subsidised when prescribed in combination with another subsidised pharmaceutical as specified in Section B or C of the Pharmaceutical Schedule.

A quantity of a Pharmaceutical supplied in one dispensing.

Manufacturer`s Price
The standard price at which a pharmaceutical is supplied to wholesalers (excluding GST), as notified to PHARMAC by the supplier.

Month restriction
No Subsidy is available: 1. unless the Pharmaceutical is dispensed on the Prescription of a Practitioner; and 2. for any quantity of that Pharmaceutical dispensed on the Prescription (whether or not dispensed as a repeat) in excess of a Monthly Lot.

Monthly Lot
The quantity of a Pharmaceutical required for 30 consecutive days` treatment.

Pharmaceutical Benefits
The right of a person; and any member of that person`s family under 16 years of age, to have made by the Government on his or her behalf, subject to any conditions specified in the Schedule, such payment in respect of any Pharmaceutical supplied to that person or family member under the order of a Practitioner.

A Doctor, a Dentist, a Nurse prescriber, an Optometrist or a Midwife who holds a current annual practicing certificate.

Practitioner`s Supply Order
A written order made by a Practitioner on a form supplied by the Ministry of Health, or approved by Sector Services, for the supply of Pharmaceuticals to the Practitioner, which the Practitioner requires to ensure medical supplies are available for emergency use, teaching and demonstration purposes, and for provision to certain patient groups where individual prescription is not practicable.

Special Authority
The Pharmaceutical is only eligible for Subsidy or additional Subsidy for a particular person if an application meeting the criteria specified in the Schedule has been approved, and the valid Special Authority number is present on the prescription.

The maximum amount that the Government will pay contractors for a pharmaceutical dispensed to a person eligible for Pharmaceutical Benefits and is different from the cost to Government of subsidising that pharmaceutical.

Supply Order
A Bulk Supply Order, a Practitioner`s Supply Order or a Wholesale Supply Order.

Wholesale Supply Order
A written order by a Practitioner, on a form supplied by the Ministry of Health for the supply of certain Pharmaceuticals as listed in Section B and Section E Part I of the Schedule.