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ECTextile - textile terms
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Date & country: 24/09/2008, US
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Wickers Sportswear's structurally altered polyester fabric. Used as a base layer fabric and in underwear.

Amino Tech
Sierra Designs'proprietary waterproof/breathable laminate. Used on outerwear with a heavy DWR finish.

Coated 200D Oxford w/DWR. Antifungal treatment.

Mountain Hardwear'spolyester and Lycra knit. Designed for wicking. Used in underwear and as a liner in windy weather.

A chamber sewn in an insulated garment or sleeping bag that keeps insulation from shifting and created cold spots. See loft.

When fabics are blended together to create new fabrics with different qualities.

Boiled Wool Look
wool look & feel

A material's ability to allow sweat vapors to escape from the inside of the fabric.See microporous.

Campmor'sproprietarywaterproof/breathablecoatednylon fabric.

chemically treated fabrics
Base layer fabrics where the outer surfaces has been treated with a hydrophilic chemical that wicks or draws sweat from the skin to the outer surface. Examples include Capilene and Thermal Dynamics.

Classic 200
Velour/Velour with Stretch

Swiss-made polyester microfiber with super-strength DWR treatment. Used in lightweight shells and sleeping bags.

ComforMax IB
DuPont's ultra-thin windproof fabric. Used in outerwear.

DuPont's naturally hydrophobic polyester with fiber cross sections that yield strong wicking ability. Often used in outerwear linings and light layering garments.

Corded Velour
Corduroy Look - velour finish

cotton duck
Heavy woven cotton canvas treated to be water resistant.

dead air space
Space created to prevent air from moving. Trapped air attaches to fiber filaments or goose down. Used especially within sleeping bags and outerwear.

Double Velour
Velour on both sides of fleece

Nike's nylon/polyester push-pull wicking fabric.

MontBell's proprietary polyester base layer fabric. Woven from odor-fighting thread (O.F.T.) made from electrostatically charged fibers that wick sweat by separating and dispersing water molecules before sweat vapor can condense.

Hind's push-pull nylon/polyester fabric.

MontBell'sproprietary waterproof/breathable fabric coating. Used in its mid-priced raingear.

Burlington's water-repellent finish used on a variety of fabrics.See Scotchguard.

Moonstone's name for a highly abrasion-resistant 70-denier nylon. Used to reinforce Gore-Tex outerwear.

E.C.O. Fleece
Dyersburg Fabrics' fleece made from 89 percent recycled soda bottles. Used by various manufacturers under different proprietary names.

Draper Knitting Mills' fleece that is 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic soda bottles. Used by various manufacturers under different names.

REI'sproprietary rainwear fabric made from Supplex with a waterproof/breathable coating.

MontBell's proprietary synthetic high-loft insulation. Used in insulated outerwear and sleeping bags.

The side of the fabric that is intended to be the outside.

The yarn that runs at right angles to the warp in a woven fabric.

Fire Retardant
Contains 81% Nomex to provide fire retardant

Fortrel EcoSpun
Wellman Fiber Industries's fiber made from 80 percent recycled plastic bottles and 20 percent virgin polyester. Used by various fabric manufacturers (such as Malden Mills and Dyersburg) to make recycled fleeces.

four-way stretch
A knitted fabric's ability to be stretched four directions.

Gerry Sportwear's proprietary nylon that has a waterproof/breathable coating.

Hard Face
Tight Knit face w/DWR

Helly-Hansen's waterproof/breathable polyurethane coating. It's available in different formulas for different uses.

Used to describe the wicking characteristics of fabrics.

MontBell's proprietary waterproof (non-breathable) polyurethane fabric coating. Used for MontBell's lower-priced raingear.

Lowe Alpine's waterproof/breathable fabric made from coated ripstop polyester. More waterproof than it is breathable.

Jersey Hardface
Wind pro w/jersey hard face abrasion resistant

Climb High's name for Malden Mill's microfleecePolartec Series 100M.

Wiggy's proprietary synthetic insulation made from continuous-filament fiber that has been silicone coated or laminated to be 70-denier nylon taffeta. Used in insulated clothing and sleeping bags.

Fabric made by binding one fabric to a film or to another fabric by way of adhesives or heat. Often used to describe waterproof/breathable fabrics such as Gore-Tex or MemBrain. Laminated fabrics are more durable than coated fabrics.

When a fabric has a crinkled finish.

Lifa Prolite
Helly-Hansen's polypropylene base layer fabric. Softer and more odor-resistantthan other polypropylene garments.

DuPont's very stretchy spandex. Great for arobic activities.

Micro Fleece Print
Printed Micro Fleece

Micro Grid
Grid pattern design

Micro Suede
Sueded Micro/Single Sided

Micro Suede-
Sueded Micro/Double Sided

Describes a coated or laminated fabric that breathes through microscopic pores left during the application process.

Cytec's acrylic fiber. Used by several fabric makers in base layer materials.

Mountain Micro
Eastern Mountain Sports'proprietary coated polyester microfiber. Used in outerwear and sleeping bag shells.

Moisture Transport System. REI's proprietary treated polyester base layer fabric.

Moisture Vapor Transfer. The terms used to quantify how much vapor a fabric can transfer from one side to the other or Moonstone'sproprietarywaterproof/breathable urethane coating.

Generic term for fiber made from synthetic polyamides extracted from coal and oil. It's used widely in outdoor clothing and gear.

Columbia Sportswear's polyurethane waterproof/breathable coating that's used on several Columbia fabrics.

oxford nylon
Super heavy-duty (usually 200 denier) basket-weave nylon. Used in rainwear and tent floors.

Typically a nylon fabric of medium weave with a urethane coating on the back for water repellency.

Soft microfiber ripstop nylon that's highly water resistant. Used for lightweight windbreakers.

Often used to describe single-sided fleeces that are thicker and furrier than the typical two-sided fabrics.

Formation of small tangles of fibers when the surface of a material is rubbed against itself or another surface. Looks like small fabric balls on the fabric surface. The tendency to pill is not a desirable quality in a fabric.

pit zip
The underarm zippers found in higher-quality outerwear to help ventilate the torso in cooler temperatures.

braided or pleated

Two or more yarns that have been twisted together for greater strength before weaving.

Longworth Industries' name for its base layer clothing.

Malden Mills' polyester fleece fabrics. Used by a variety of manufacturers; comes in different weights and a variety of prints and solids.

Polartec Series 100M (Microfiber)
PT100M. Polartec's lightest fleece knit with superfine microfiber yarns for a soft hand.

Nickname for polypropylene.

Primaloft/Primaloft 2
Albany International's high-loft synthetic insulation. Combination of large and small diameter polyester fibers intermingled to create a down-like feel and spring. Primaloft is remarkably water resistant. PL2 is a newer version that's softer and loftier. Both are used in insulated clothing and sleeping bags.

Proof Ace
Unitika's ceramic waterproof/breathable coating. Used in outerwear by a number of manufacturers.

Sierra Designs' plaited cotton/polyester blend that wicks. Used in trail clothes.

Recycled Fleece

3M's durable oil- and water-repellent finish applied to fabric.

seam sealing
Process when the stitching (seams) of a garment are made leakproof by applying a seam tape or glue.

Single Velour
Velour face

Finished one side only

DuPont's Cordura filaments spun around DuPont's stretchy Lycra core to create a stong fabric with stretch. Used in trail clothes.

A piece of cloth that protects an opening (usually a zipper) from harsh weather.

Stretch Fleece

Super Micro
Italian Super Micro Fleece

DuPont's ultra-versitile texturized nylon known for its durability and soft hand. Used mostly in outerwear.

Sweater Look
Sweater look

A solid waterproof/breathable membrane that allows body heat to push perspiration vapor to the outside.

Patagonia's line of fleece.

Nickname for synthetic fills.

temperature rating
The approximate lowest outdoor temperature at which it is advisable to use a sleeping bag.

MontBell's proprietary heat-treated (for durability) nylon.

TH-4 Membrane
Red Ledge's microporous waterproof/breathable laminated fabric. Used in outerwear.

Thermal Dynamics
Milliken's 100 percent polyester base layer fabric.

Thermal Pro
Midweight-Heavyweight W/DWR

A fabric made from hollow-core polyester fibers ofvarying denier and length. Used in base layer fabrics and.

DuPont's mid-loft synthetic insulation made froma combination of solid-core polyester fibers and hollow Quallofil fibers. Used where high-loft fills are too bulky and low-loft fills aren't warm enough. Used mostly in insulated outerwear.

The North Face's wicking stretch nylon fabric. Used in its line of trail clothes.

Any fabric consisting of a blend of three fibers; frequently cotton/polyester/nylon or polyester/nylon/Lycra.

Textured with an ultra low pile velour face and velour back. The texture is made visible by use of a black yarn.

Burlington Industries microporous polyurethane coating. Applied to the inside of numerous fabrics that have a Durapel DWR treatment on the outside.

No coating

North Face's wicking base layer polyester fabric. Used in trail apparel.

water repellent
Used to describe a fabric that is able to resist getting soaked by water. Good water repellent fabrics will cause water to bead up on the surface.