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Glazesoft - glazing glossary
Category: General technical and industrial > glazing
Date & country: 16/08/2008, US
Words: 19

The horizontal member that forms the top of a frame.

Inside Glazing
A method in which glass is secured in an opening from the interior of the building.

Insulating Glass
An integral glass unit made up of two or three individual lites of glass separated by an air space.

One of two vertical members of a door or window frame.

An abbreviation for 'knock down.'

The condition of perfect horizontal alignment.

A horizontal structural member that spans an opening at the head to carry the weight of construction above the opening.

Miter Joint
A joint made up of two members each of which is cut at one-half the total angle of the joint.

Outside Glazing
A method in which glass is secured in an opening from the exterior of the building.

The condition of perfect vertical alignment.

Pocket Filler
An extrusion that snaps into a mating vertical or horizontal member to provide a glazing pocket.

The channel placed at the head and sill in certain types of glaring systems that hold the vertical mullions. Sometimes called 'cans.'

Shear Block
A type of joinery that uses a clip (the shear block) attached to a vertical mullion. The horizontal member fits over the clip and is secured to it by screws driven into the shear block

A spacer of uniform thickness and varying sizes used to plumb and level frames.

The glazed frame or frames placed on one or both sides of a door.

The bottom member of a framing system.

Steel Reinforcing
A steel component placed within a vertical mullion to add stiffness and increase the wind load capability of the system.

Thermal Break
An insulating material of low thermal conductivity placed between materials of high thermal conductivity within the system itself to inhibit the flow of cold or heat.

Weep Whole
A small opening in the sill that allows infiltrated water to drain out of the frame.