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Funky Dragon - Glossary for young people in Wales
Category: General
Date & country: 15/01/2008, UK
Words: 34

An activist is someone who supports or fights for a campaign or cause by standing up for it either by campaigning, protesting etc.

Someone working to promote your best interests. They could argue your point, speak on your behalf to other people or offer you support and advice.

AGM - Annual General Meeting
A yearly meeting where companies/organisations/charities etc declare all legal documents for everyone to see.

Article 12
Part of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child. It says that all children and young people should be asked their views when decisions are made that will affect them.

Assembly Member
Assembly members represent a certain political party and are elected by the people in Wales to represent them every 4 years. They have executive powers to make sure policies and legislation happen.

Cabinets are made up of the most senior people in the Welsh Assembly. They are selected by the First Minister to be responsible for areas like, Health, Education, Environment etc.

Campaigns are set up to promote or highlight something going on in the world in order to make it better. There are lots of campaigns around many issues - poverty, health, education, environment etc.

This means being involved in society and understanding your rights and duties as a citizen. As a citizen you should have human rights, children's rights, legal rights, constitutional rights and freedom - none of these can be taken away from you.

A coalition means the joining of 2 political parties. The Welsh Assembly Government is a coalition as it is made up of both Labour and Plaid Cymru members.

A community can have lots of meanings. The main understanding of community is living in a particular area with other people. Others forms of community can be a social, religious, sporting group etc - people sharing a common interest together.

Consultation means being asked your opinion on different things. You could be consulted by your local council about the state of your youth club, or asked for your opinion about something.

Democracy means the opportunity to vote or have a say on a particular issue. The option with the most votes or backing is then the winning outcome.

Devolved Government
This means a country has their own powers at a national and local level but receives it money from Parliament and laws passed by Parliament still applies to Wales. The Welsh Assembly is a devolved Government.

Diversity means being different to other people because of background, schooling, religion, sexuality etc. Diversity means a difference of opinion and a variety of opinions and thoughts.

Giving young people the knowledge and understanding so they can make their own decisions and decide on a course of action that is best for them.

Extending Entitlement
The Welsh Assembly have made up 10 entitlements (issues) that every young person should have throughout Wales - from education to play and leisure.

A group of young people working in a group to make a change or get their voice heard at a local and national level.

This means the people who are in charge of our country. The person in charge is the Prime Minister. They direct the way the country works and makes sure it does the best for people living in their country.

Grand Council
The Grand Council is made up of 100 young people throughout Wales. 66 young people are from youth forums or school councils. 8 young people are from specific interest groups. 8 young people are co-options. 18 young people are ambassadors.

A kite-mark is an inspection standard set up to make sure certain things are up to standard. Participation now has a kite-mark standard which means participation can be inspected.

Local Authority
The area where you live e.g. Swansea, Conwy. There are 22 local authorities in Wales.

Multi-agency means different organisations/businesses/charities etc, coming together and working together to achieve something.

National Level
This means at the top level - all across Wales. It is working with/for all people living in Wales.

Participation has lots of meanings. Being involved in making decisions, planning, and reviewing anything that will affect you.

Policy means having rules and procedures in place so people know what to do in certain situations. Governments can have policy in place so that action and progress can be made.

A practitioner is someone who is trained in a specific area i.e. a children practitioner is trained to work with children.

This means making something valid by the Government. For something to become law or agreed on it has to be ratified/confirmed by Government.

Representative means standing up for and acting on the decisions of individuals, groups etc. Funky Dragon representatives represent the views of other young people on their forum.

At Funky Dragon, a residential means going away for the weekend with other young people to join in on activities and take forward the work we do.

School Council
The Welsh Assembly made it law that every school in Wales has a school council in November 2006. School councils are made up of school pupils who want to make a difference in their school and represent the views of other pupils to the teachers and governors.

The Senedd, which was opened in 2006, is situated in a prime position on the waterfront in Cardiff Bay. It houses the National Assembly for Wales` Siambr (debating chamber) and Committee Rooms.

At Funky Dragon, a trustee is either a young people or professional who sits on the Management Committee which deals with all the legal/financial aspects.

United Nations - UN
The United Nations is an organisation set up in 1945 to bring all nations of the world together to work for peace and development, based on the principles of justice, human dignity and the well-being of all people.

Welsh Assembly
The Welsh Assembly was started in 1997 after a vote to see if people in Wales wanted their own Government. The Welsh Assembly has 60 Assembly Members from different political parties who are elected from across Wales every 4 years. The new Government of Wales Act 2006 has been passed and it now means the Welsh Assembly has more law making powers.