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Knowsl@y Council - Staffing commission
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Date & country: 15/01/2008, UK
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The principle whereby an employee within a donating school who is the only individual expressing an interest for a vacancy in a Learning Centre will be appointed to that post by the Temporary Governing Body without the necessity for interview, providing the post in which interest is expressed does not change in job content or grade significantly to …

Consultation meetings
In addition to update letters to all secondary school staff from the Independent Chair of the Staffing Commission and regular Future Schooling in Knowsley updates, this is the consultative process by which school staff colleagues will be informed about the transition to Learning Centre opening. This forum will also afford the opportunity for collea …

Donating schools
This is the school or schools which are closing that are most closely associated to each of the new Learning Centres and from which staff will be given first consideration for posts in the new Learning Centre.

Job family
This reflects the group of roles within an existing school which can be most closely associated to posts developed in a Learning Centre by a Temporary Governing Body. In this respect postholders within an existing job family will be given first consideration (the principle of ring-fencing (see below)) for those associated posts developed in a Learn …

One to one meetings
An arrangement whereby a colleague employed in a donating school can meet on an individual basis with an officer of the Human Resources Division to afford the opportunity to discuss issues in a confidential setting.

The principle of restricting consideration of a newly created post or posts to a particular group of individuals within a donating school on the basis that the content of existing job roles and skills required to undertake these are, in the main, transferable to the new post.

The principle of maintaining the level of remuneration on appointment to a lower graded post on transfer from an existing secondary school to a Learning Centre.

Staffing Commission
A body drawn from stakeholder groups with an Independent Chair, designated to lead on the implementation of the Building Schools for the Future Programme through support to temporary governing bodies in the implementation of new staffing structures.

Temporary Governing Bodies (TGB's)
All schools are run by a Governing Body which is a committee of local people that works closely with the school`s headteacher to make key decisions about the budget, staffing and priorities of a school to ensure that the school meets all its legal requirements and provides the best possible education for its pupils. As Learning Centres have yet to …