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Magiglo - Glossary of gas powered fires
Category: General technical and industrial > Gas fires
Date & country: 03/12/2007, UK
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Air vent
Non-adjustable grille or duct with insect mesh, which allows air to pass into the room at all times (must be at least 100cm2)

Air vent free area
Total area of the unobstructed air coming through the vent

Balanced flued fire
An efficient room sealed, glass fronted appliance with a specially designed flue system, ideal for homes without a chimney

The simulated driftwood, charcoal and lava rock fuel bed for the electric fire

Builder's opening
The opening into which an appliance may be placed and from which a flue is run

A type of hood situated at the top of a fireplace opening, provided for the efficient collection of combustion products

Cast Iron Insert
A complete fireplace made from cast iron

Catchment space
A space below a flue spigot connection for the collection of debris from the flue

A passage way, generally of brick or metal construction, to carry waste combustion products from the appliance to the exterior of the building

Chimney bird guard
A device fitted to a chimney pot to prevent the nesting of birds, but allows the safe dispersal of products of combustion

Chimney liner
A rigid or flexible pipe fitted inside a chimney to form a flue

Chimney plate
A plate or label fixed inside the fireplace opening giving details of the chimney or flue installation

Class 1 Flue
A chimney suitable for use with a solid fuel fire

Class 2 Flue
A metal flue designed primarily for use with gas fires

Initial start up of installation to check for safe and reliable operation

Convector Gas Fire
A gas fire designed so that the heat output is enhanced by heated convected air being circulated around the room

Conventional Flue
A chimney that is dependant upon natural drafts for its operation

Data plate
Plate fitted to appliance to give manufacturers settings and identification details. (Must not be removed)

Decorative Fuel Effect fires (DFE)
A gas fire designed to be installed in an open flue and to simulate a solid fuel fire

Detached Valve
A control valve that can be mounted up to 1 metre from the appliance

A highly realistic log and ember gas fuel-bed

Fan-flued system
Flue system in which a fan is used to create the draught to remove the flue products

External decorative fireplace frame commonly used in hole-in-the-wall installations

The area above a gas burner where the gas burns

A steel box for installation into a fireplace opening designed to accept a gas fire

Firebox Fascia
A trim and fire front combined into a single unit

A metal meshed frame place in front of a fire to provent accidental contact and used especially to protect children and elderly persons

See Chimney

Flue box
Substitute for a builders opening or fireplace recess made from a non-combustible material

Freedom Surround
A stylish frame designed to reduce heat damage to the surrounding surface

Fuel effect
The simulated coal, log, pebble or other fuel of a fire

Gas input
The amount of gas used by an appliance usually quoted in Kilowatts per hour on maximum setting

The floor of a fireplace that extends into the room

Heat Output
The typical maximum heat output of an appliance usually quoted in Kilowatts per hour

Inset Fire
An appliance that fits into a fireplace opening, no part of which projects forward of the vertical plane of the chimney breast

Inset Live Fuel Effect (I.L.F.E)
A gas fire designed to be installed into an open flue. This type of appliance has been designed and tested to meet a higher efficiency standard giving a greater heat output and economical running cost. In certain circumstances, an I.L.F.E appliance may be relied upon as the main source of heat to the room it has been installed in to

Lint arrester
Metallic mesh designed to trap dust, fluff and fibres which would otherwise collect in the airways of the pilot assembly

Low Lintel
A fireplace lintel (supporting beam) at a low level

LPG (Liquid Propane gas)
Propane gas sold in bottles. Used in areas where Natural Gas cannot be supplied. (Must be Propane not Butane)

NG (Natural Gas)
Gas fed to your home from mains gas pipes

No Vent
A fire that would normally operate without additional purpose provided ventilation

Optimum Control
A wall switch control for operating the fire

Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS)
A safety device that is part of the pilot assembly that extinguishes the fire if there is a build up of harmful gases

Oxysure pilot
Pilot with a built in safety device which shuts off the gas supply before there is a build up of a dangerous quantity of products of combustion in the room concerned

Permanent Pilot
A pilot that is left on continuously, removing the need to turn it on each time the appliance is lit

Physical Barrier
This is to provide at least the equivalent level of warning to the approach of an open fire to that of a hearth. It should define a clear zone where occupants must exercise additional caution. This barrier should be made of non-combustible material and be permanently fixed in place

A means of generating a spark to ignite a pilot

A small jet of gas that is used to ignite a main gas burner

Power Flued Fire
A combined gas fire and flue system for use without a normal chimney. The flue system is operated by an electrically powered fan

Pre-Cast Flue
A concrete block flue designed primarily for use with gas fires

Radiant Gas Fire
A gas fire designed so that the heat output is produced primarily by infra-red radiation

Rear Vent
A flue for a power flue fire whereby the flue exits from the rear of the fire, directly throught the wall to outside air

Recessed Rear Vent
A terminal for a power flue vent fire that is recessed into the outside wall

Ridge Vent
A raised roof tile that serves as a flue outlet, usually located at the highest point

Running Costs
The costs of operating an appliance usually quoted on maximum setting in pence per hour

SAP is the Government's Standard Assessment Procedure for Energy Rating of Dwellings. Methodology for calculation of the energy performance of buildings

Side Vent
A flue system for a power flue fire whereby the flue can be routed up to 7 metres horizontally to outside air

Spacer Kit
Additional accessory necessary when the depth of an opening is restricted for particular installations

Surface Mounted Rear Vent
A terminal for a power flue rear vent fire that is surface mounted onto the outside wall

The end of a flue

Terminal Guard
A guard fitted over a terminal to prevent accidental contact especially with hot surfaces

A ceramic lined firebox designed to increase the radiant heat output of a gas fire

A decorative metal frame around an appliance used in conjunction wih a fire front

Trim Switch
A high level control for operating the fire located on the fire frame

Provision of a means of air supply to a room from outside air to assist the combustion process