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Don Taylor - Psychotherapy glossary
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Date & country: 25/11/2007, UK
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Psychiatrists are medically qualified doctors who specialise in mental health and mental disorders. Some are trained in psychotherapy or psychoanalysis, and all are able to prescribe drugs and medicines for their patients. In the UK, most psychiatrists work in the National Health Service, and are consulted through your GP. A consultation with a psy…

Famously introduced by Freud, psychoanalysis was greatly enhanced by eminent physicians during the twentieth century, and today is regarded as the 'parent' of psychodynamic therapy and counselling. Psychoanalysis takes place several times a week, and may continue for some years; it is thus inaccessible to all but a few patients who can afford the v…

This term describes a theory and a way of working derived from psychoanalysis. Some psychotherapists and counsellors (including myself) choose this as a basis for what they do. The focus is on mental and emotional forces or processes, especially those experienced and developed in early childhood, and their effects on past and current behaviour, fee…

Psychology as an academic discipline attempts to apply scientific principles to the study of human behaviour. Despite recent developments in psychoneurology there is still quite a large gap between scientific psychology and the traditions of psychoanalysis and dynamic psychotherapy. Not all psychologists are trained therapists. However, their UK pr…

The words 'psychotherapy' and 'counselling' describe activities, in the same way as do the words 'art' and 'plumbing'. Those who practise such activities are therefore called psychotherapists, counsellors, artists, or plumbers. Unfortunately, none of these terms implies a trustworthy standard of competence. In the UK, anyone may use them to describ…