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Astralweb - Smart metering terms
Category: Earth and Environment
Date & country: 23/11/2007, UK
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Automated Monitoring and Targeting.

Automated Meter Reading

Carbon Dioxide Emissions
The release of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) into the atmosphere. Usually measured in metric tons.

Carbon Emissions
The release of Carbon (C) into the atmosphere. Usually measured in metric tons.

Carbon Footprint
The total carbon emissions for a given person, organization, building, operation etc. The carbon footprint of an operational office typically include the carbon emitted by the commuting of the office staff.

Carbon Neutral
A person, building, organisation or operation that emits the same amount of carbon as it absorbs. Typically carbon emissions are offset by the planting of trees (which absorb carbon dioxide when they photosynthesize) enabling an orgainsation to become 'Carbon Neutral'.

Carbon Offset
The process of voluntarily offsetting carbon emissions by, for example, planting trees, investing in renewable energy.

Carbon Trading
The process of buying and selling carbon credits. Large companies or organisations are assigned a quota of carbon that they are allowed to emit. If a company's emissions are less than its quota then it can sell credits if emissions are more then it will need to buy carbon credits.

This is a term devised by the Woodland Trust to describe a business or organisation that absorbs more carbon than it emits.

Climate Change
Generally refers to the change of the climate by man's emission of Greenhouse gasses.

Data Logger
A device used to record and store data

Data Collector

Data Retriever

Metering, Monitoring and Targeting.

Pulse Output
A water or gas meter typically needs to have a pulse output to enable it to be logged. Each pulse represents a volume and therefore from these pulses the readings are established.

Remote Monitoring and Targeting

Smart meter
In its simplest form a smart meter is a utility meter capable of storing data rather than displaying just the current reading. A fully featured smart meter usually has the option of storing around 1 month of half hourly readings with the ability to send this data across a communication network - often SMS. A smart meter performs in the same way as a meter with a data logger. Smart meters are usually used for electricity