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Recycle more - Recycling terms
Category: Earth and Environment > Recycling
Date & country: 23/11/2007, UK
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items which decay and rot naturally into harmless substances through the action of the weather and living things. We often put biodegradable rubbish into compost heaps.

Combined heat and power (CHP)
a CHP plant provides simultaneous generation of heat and power (usually electricity) in a single process.

Duty of Care
the law which manages the movement and storage of rubbish from industry (not households). This means that everyone who moves rubbish around and stores it has to follow a set of rules. If they don't they could be punished.

Energy recovery from waste (EfW)
the burning of rubbish to produce energy (heat) which is used to generate electricity or to heat homes.

see reduction

Third World country
see developing country

Waste collection authority
the part of your local council which collects rubbish from your house.