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Britvic Soft Drinks - Soft drinks terms
Category: Food and Drink > Soft drinks
Date & country: 15/11/2007, UK
Words: 41

adult drinks
soft drinks in the take-home channel targeted at the adult consumer

bag-in box
a system comprising of a flexible bag in an outer case made from corrugated board, as used in licensed on-trade and leisure and catering dispense equipment

better for you
a consumer trend to seek soft drinks which are perceived to be better for you

compound annual growth rate

a soft drink category where the drink is made predominantly from carbonated water and to which juice or flavourings have been added (for example, cola, lemonade and fruit flavoured carbonates)

cash margin
the difference in cash terms between the sales price and the costs directly attributable to the product sold

cola-flavoured carbonated drinks including cola with flavours, clear and coloured colas

people who drink soft drinks

customer relationship management

take-home outlets (e.g. supermarkets) and on-premise outlets (e.g. pubs) that sell soft drinks

dairy drinks
a ready-to-drink milk-based or milk substitute drink to which flavouring or juice has been added

earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, amortisation of goodwill and intangible assets upon acquisition, other exceptional items and extraordinary items

electronic point of sale

frozen carbonated beverages

fast-moving consumer goods

fruit drinks
non-carbonated drink that may or may not contain fruit juice and that has added water (including J2O)

fruit flavoured carbonates
fruit flavoured carbonated drinks, including orange, cherry and blackcurrant flavours

functional drinks
sports and energy drinks

the channel within the take-home market that includes convenience stores, petrol station forecourts, off-licences, independent grocers and confectionery, tobacco, and news retailers

leisure and catering
the channel within the on-premise market that includes education sites, business and industry locations, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, health clubs and hospitals

lemon/lime flavoured drinks, including 7UP and Sprite 200

carbonated lemonade, including clear, cloudy and traditional varieties

licensed on-trade
the channel within the on-premise market that includes pubs, clubs and bars

managed pubs
generally a pub owned by a pub company or brewer and operated by a salaried manager and staff employed by the owning company which prescribes the entire product range and detail of service style

mineral water
water from under ground that passes over rocks, resulting in a higher content of various minerals. It is untreated other than to remove grit and dirt

drinks primarily intended to be used to dilute an alcoholic drink

new product development

when and how consumers choose to consume soft drinks

the route to market for soft drinks suppliers that includes the licensed on-trade and leisure and catering channels

PepsiCo Systems
in relation to carbonates, PepsiCo`s consumer and customer insight, competitor intelligence, marketing best practice and technological know-how

Polyethylene Terephthalate; a type of plastic used to make soft drinks bottles

points of sale
a place where a consumer can purchase a soft drink

pre-formed PET blanks which are blown on the production line to form PET bottles

pure juice
non-carbonated 100% pure juice or juice blend

return on invested capital

drinks described as smoothies, either in brand name or as a description on the packaging

soft drinks
drinks containing less than 1.2% alcohol, which are predominantly served cold, including pure juices, fruit drinks, functional drinks, water, dairy drinks and flavoured carbonated drinks but excluding milk

spring water
water collected directly from the spring from which it arises, bottled at source and treated to obtain hygiene standards

cordial or syrup to be diluted prior to consumption

a soft drink category where the drink is non-carbonated and which may be fruit or non-fruit flavoured (for example, pure juice, squash and fruit drinks)

the route to market for soft drinks suppliers which includes the grocery multiples, impulse and wholesalers