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Novagraaf - Intellectual Property glossary
Category: Legal > Intellectual Property
Date & country: 13/11/2007, UK
Words: 23

Coexistence Agreement
binding agreement whereby two or more traders agree how to operate in the same or similar market to avoid any potential confusion.

a state monopoly granted to protect artistic, musical and literary works.

the appearance of the whole or part of a product, including any pattern or texture applied to a surface.

Domain Name
virtual address on the Internet.

Due Diligence
investigations undertaken to assess the strength of one or more intellectual property rights.

EPO (European Patent Office)
pan-European body responsible for granting patents across Europe.

the unauthorised copying or use of a protected form of intellectual property.

Intellectual Property
any product of creative, intellectual endeavour such as an innovation, design, trading style, artistic work or literary work

Intellectual Property Assets
those intangible assets that derive from intellectual property and that, typically, add value to your business.

Intellectual Property Auditing
investigations that are undertaken to determine the nature and number of Intellectual Property Rights owned by a business.

Intellectual Property Right
a state granted right to protect a form of intellectual property for e.g. a patent right, design right, trade mark right or copyright.

an innovation that is both novel and non-obvious.

Letter of Consent
letter from one party, typically the owner of a stronger trade mark, consenting to the use and/or registration of another party's trade mark.

authorising a third party to use your Intellectual Property Rights in exchange for some consideration or benefit.

Madrid Protocol
an international agreement for the registration of trade marks in a number of countries by means of a single application.

Monopoly Right
another term for Intellectual Property Right; the period during which a patent, design, trade mark or copyright can be exclusively exploited by its owner.

an example of an Intellectual Property Right; a state monopoly granted to protect an invention.

Patent Agent
one fully qualified under the rules of the UK's Chartered Institute of Patent Agents.

Patent Application
a technical document describing in detail an innovation for which a patent is sought.

Patent Attorney
one fully qualified to act before the European Patent Office.

Trade Mark
any sign, symbol, feature or get-up that is capable of distinguishing one trader's product, or service, from another's.

Trade Mark Agent
another name for Trade Mark Attorney.

Trade Mark Attorney
one fully qualified under the rules of the UK's Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys.