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Podcasting Guide - Podcasting Glossary
Category: Electronics and Engineering > Podcasting
Date & country: 13/10/2007, UK
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Audio Blog
Another name for a podcast.

An online diary. Blogs are popular because they allow anyone to put their thoughts on the web with very little technical knowledge. Short for Web Log.

Another name for a podcast.

A group of podcast items, each of which represents one MP3 audio file (or show). When subscribing to podcasts, it is the channel you subscribe to.

Nickname for the small, usually orange buttons used as links to RSS files. Many podcatchers allow you to drag chicklets onto them to quickly add a subscription.

An addition to RSS that allows multimedia files (such as those used in podcasts) to be included along with each item in an RSS file.

ID3 Tag
An addition to MP3 files that allows data such as the file's title, performer, category and even cover art to be stored directly in the file.

A single entry in a news feed or podcast channel. In podcasts, each item contains the enclosure linking to the podcast file and various information about the file such as title, author, category, etc.

Apple's multimedia player software. As well as playing multimedia files, iTunes links to a directory of podcasts and acts as a podcatcher by allowing users to subscribe to podcasts.

An audio compression format that allows almost CD-quality fidelity with only 10% of the filesize by discarding frequencies that cannot be heard by the human ear or that clash with similar frequencies. The name comes from MP(EG-1 layer) 3.

News Feed
A collection of headlines, usually from a blog or news source made available in RSS format so that other sites and programs can check and download them automatically.

An audio broadcast made available on the internet. Uses the RSS technology originally developed for News Feeds to allow subscribers to be automatically download new episodes as they're made available. Instead of headlines, each item in a podcast RSS news feed relates to a single MP3 audio file. The name derives from a combination of Apple's iPod MP3 player and 'broadcast'.

A program to check podcast feeds and automatically download new items.

The XML format used in news feeds. Stands for Really Simple Syndication.

Universal Subscription Mechanism. Allows certain podcatchers to automatically add a subscription from an RSS file.

Video Podcast
A podcast with enclosures containing video files rather than audio ones. Unlike audio podcasts which may only contain MP3 files, various file types can be used when podcasting video.

Another name for Video Podcasting. Short for Video on Demand Podcasting.

A way of formatting data so that it is both human and machine-readable. Stands for Extensible Meta Language.