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June 24, 2018

On June 24th 1314 Robert the Bruce defeated the English army under King Edward at the battle of Bannockburn. The war dragged on until the peace treaty was signed in 1328 recognising Bruce as King Robert I and Scotland as an independent Kingdom. The Battle of Bannockburn was fought over the course of two days on June 23-24, 1314. It pitted some 10,000 Scots -- 6-7,000 heavy infantry, 500 light cavalry and 3,000 irregulars (the 'wee folk,' lightly-armed, poorly-trained troops and camp followers) -- led by their king, Robert the Bruce against nearly 20,000 English (16-17,000 heavy infantry and archers, plus 2,500 heavy cavalry), commanded by King Edward II, in what proved to be the most critical battle in the War of Scottish Independence. Read more

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