Onde noun [ Anglo-Saxon anda malice, anger; akin to Icelandic andi , önd , breath.] Hatred; fury; envy. [ Obsolete]
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Hatred; fury; envy. ... Origin: AS. Anda malice, anger; akin to Icel. Andi, ond, breath. ... Source: Websters Dictionary ... (01 Mar 1998) ...
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• (n.) Hatred; fury; envy.
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a fabric with a waved effect produced by calendering or weaving.
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== Plot == In Genoa Francesca, a girl with a purplish birthmark on his left cheek, and Luca, a blind musician, live lonely lifes marked by a deep unhappiness. Their casual meeting at the Aquarium of Genoa will give rise to a tormented love story. == Cast == ...
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