iambic pentameter

(from the article `metre`) ...poetry. It combines Romance syllable counting and Germanic stress counting to produce lines of fixed numbers of alternating stressed and ... ...of the time. Also of French origin was the octosyllabic couplet used in these poems. Chaucer`s abandonment of this engaging but ultimately jejune ... Pope`s favo...
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iambic pentameter

iambic pentameter: see pentameter.
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Iambic pentameter

Iambic pentameter is a commonly used type of metrical line in traditional poetry and verse drama. The term describes the rhythm that the words establish in that line, which is measured in small groups of syllables called `feet`. The word `iambic` refers the type of foot that is used, known as the iamb, which in English is an unstressed syllabl...
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A regular pattern of alternating unstressed and stressed syllables in a metric line of verse. There are five stressed syllables in one line of iambic pentameter – ‘pentameter’ comes from the Greek ‘pentametros’ (penta = five + metron = measure). Iambic pentameter resembles the rhythms of normal English speech. Noting which words are empha...
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