Da capo aria

The da capo aria is a musical form that was prevalent in the Baroque era. It is sung by a soloist with the accompaniment of instruments, often a small orchestra. The da capo aria is very common in the musical genres of opera and oratorio. According to Randel, a number of Baroque composers (he lists Hasse, Handel, Porpora, Leo, and Vinci) composed ...
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da capo aria

(from the article `aria`) ...and also were longer and in new musical forms, often suggested by the texts. By the mid-17th century a preference for bi-partite (i.e., AB) forms ... ...Consequently, the poems are concise, with each verse typically repeated many times throughout a setting. The structure follows the same designs of ... .....
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Da Capo Aria

Lyric song in ternary, or A - B - A, form, commonly found in operas, cantatas and oratorios.
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